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U.S. Army Reserve Officer Applications


U.S. Army Reserve Physical Therapists


The current RC Chief, Physical Therapy Section (IMA) and your point of contact for PPSCPs is LTC Brian Hatler 


Course Specific Information:

1. COL Douglas A. Kersey Advanced Clinical & Operational Practice: The RC target audience for this course includes physical therapists with 2-5 years initial service experience, physical therapists returning to military clinical practice assignments after assignments in non-clinical positions, and physical therapists who have not practiced in the outpatient ortho-sports setting for 2-5 years.


2. Joint Operational Deployment Course (JODC): The RC target audience for this course includes all RC physical therapists likely to deploy. Currently in the RC structure, those individuals most likely to deploy include all Captains in the TPU structure and any officer assigned directly to a NG BCT. Lieutenants and Majors in the TPU structure are the next most likely to deploy. After these two categories, then all other Captains, Lieutenants, and Majors in all of the Reserve programs (including IMA and IRR) would be considered for deployment. It is much less likely, but not impossible, for therapists in the ranks of LTC and COL to deploy.




Application Process:


The appropriate source for orders / funding for both of these courses is Additional Duty for Training Schools (ADTS) orders / funding. The Army Reserve Component is generally allocated 10 seats for the Kersey Course and 8 seats for JODC. Although these courses are listed in the ATTRS system, all seats are managed directly by the Army Medical Center of Excellence. Due to high demand and limited seats in both courses, interested officers must submit a copy of their ORB or DA form 2-1 to the RC Chief, Physical Therapy Section (IMA) (LTC Brian Hatler) Section 60-90 days prior to the course for consideration. The RC Chief, Physical Therapy Section will publish the Order of Merit (OML) list of attendees and alternatives 45-60 days prior or the course. The lists for officers selected to attend these courses is forwarded to the G-3 at AR-MEDCOM/3rd MC/807th MC who in turn directs the Medical Brigades to cut orders on those selected to attend.