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COL Greathouse Research Award

Greathouse Award

Award Winners

Class of 2006: Preferential Activation of the Transversus Abdominus Muscle During Core Lumbar Stabilization Exercises. FRAC Chair: MAJ Deydre Teyhen, Student Leader: LT Jennifer Rieger (Waterhouse)

Class of 2007: The Immediate Effects of Thoracic Manipulation in Patients with Shoulder Imgingement. FRAC Chair: MAJ Robert Boyles, Student Leader: 1LT Bradley Ritland

Class of 2008: Predictive Validity of Selected Clinical Examination Findings for the Diagnosis of Hip Osteoarthritis. FRAC Chair: COL Thomas Sutlive, Student Leader: LT Heather Lopez

Class of 2009: Effects of sit-up training vs. core stabilization exercises on sit-up performance. FRAC Chair: MAJ John Childs, Student Leader: 1LT Tim Benedict

Class of 2010: TBA Aug 2010