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Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Requirement: Must possess a baccalaureate degree or be on schedule to graduate the following spring semester after the application deadline (The application deadline is usually falls in the first week in October)
  • Requirement: Must complete all prerequisite courses with a prerequisite coursework GPA of 3.25 with no more than two prerequisites outstanding at the beginning of the following spring semester after the application deadline
  • Requirement: Prerequisite courses must be less than 10 years old from the date of matriculation (The program matriculation date is generally the second January after the application deadline)
  • Requirement: Must achieve a GRE Combined score (quantitative + verbal) of 300 with a minimum Quantitative score of 148
  • Requirement: Must achieve a GRE Analytical Writing score of 3.5 or greater
  • Requirement: Must complete a minimum of 100 volunteer observation hours in a physical therapy clinic. It is recommended that the applicant complete these hours in a variety of clinical practice settings and military PT practice or Veteran's affairs PT experience is recommended.
  • Requirement: Must receive 3 (4 allowable) letters of reference (Physical Therapist, Professor of your choice, and a professional reference). For civilian applicants, the 4th reference can be from any approved source. *ACTIVE DUTY, ACTIVE RESERVE, and ACTIVE GUARD SERVICE MEMBERS: THE 4TH LETTER SHOULD BE REQUESTED IN PTCAS AND SENT TO YOUR IMMEDIATE COMMANDER. The Commander should fill out the characteristic rankings and attach a Memorandum for Record of endorsement. Please see PTCAS for further details. There have been unique circumstances where we have matriculated students from another program. Please keep in mind that your coursework is not transfer and you will start our program
  • Recommendation: GRE Verbal of 152 or greater
  • Recommendation: Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or greater

    Military Requirements

    • Must Be a United States citizen.
    • Must meet the medical fitness standards for direct commission appointment as a Reserve commissioned officer as prescribed by the Department of the Army, Navy, or Air Force.
    • Must complete a background check with a US Army recruiter
    • Must be less than 42.5 years of age on the date of appointment. Waivers are required for those over age 40.
    • Must not have greater than 7 years of active commissioned service in the US military prior to the date of appointment.
    • USMA Cadets: are not eligible to apply prior to graduation.
    • Current Army Officers: must obtain a Conditional Letter of Release from their branch prior to the application deadline.
    • ROTC Cadets: are eligible to apply prior to graduation and DO NOT REQUIRE a Conditional Letter of Release.

    Prerequisite Courses

    Online labs or survey courses are not acceptable for any course with a lab requirement.
    All prerequisites must be completed within 9 years of the application deadline (10 years prior to DPT program matriculation).

    Biological Sciences (3 courses)

    Anatomy with Lab (3 or 4 semester hours)
    Acceptable courses include:
    Human Anatomy
    Vertebrate Anatomy
    Anatomy and Physiology 1 (as a combined course)

    Physiology (3 or 4 semester hours)
    Acceptable courses include:
    Human Physiology
    Vertebrate Physiology
    Mammalian Physiology
    Anatomy and Physiology II (as a combined course)
    Exercise Physiology does not count for this prerequisite.

    Biology (lab required for all courses) (3 or 4 semester hours)
    Acceptable courses include:
    General Biology
    Exercise Physiology
    Courses such as Botany, Forestry, Ecology or Kinesiology do not count.

    Physical Sciences (4 courses)

    Chemistry Series with Lab (8 semester hours or 2 courses)
    Acceptable courses include:
    General Chemistry 1 and 2
    College Chemistry 1 and 2
    Organic Chemistry 1 and 2
    Basic Chemistry does not count for this prerequisite.

    Physics Series with Lab (8 semester hours or 2 courses)
    Acceptable courses include:
    General Physics 1 and 2
    College Physics 1 and 2
    Basic Physics does not count for this prerequisite

    Psychology (2 courses)

    General Psychology (6 sememster hours)

    Courses include: General Psychology, Introduction to Psychology

    Second Psychology Course
    Abnormal Psychology (preferred)
    Developmental Psychology
    Social Psychology
    Sports Psychology

    Social Science or 3rd Psychology Course (3 semester hours)

    Acceptable courses include:
    Intro to Sociology
    Social/Behavioral Science
    Community Health

    Statistics (1 course, 3 semester hours)

    Acceptable courses include:
    Math: Statistics
    Introduction to Statistics
    Educational Statistics
    Psychology: Statistics
    Online courses to fulfill this prerequisite are acceptable.

    Computation of the Cumulative GPA:

    All undergraduate coursework is included in the calculation of the cumulative undergraduate GPA. Please see for information on PTCAS GPA calculations. 

    Computation of the Prerequisite Course GPA:

     ALL prerequisite courses must have been completed within 10 years of the start of the first class day for which the applicant is competing (Semester 1).

    Advanced Placement exams are accepted to fulfill prerequisites.

    CLEP exams can fulfil prerequisite courses which do not have a laboratory component. Laboratory courses must be taken in person, not as an online course. 

    Non-credit military training cannot be substituted for prerequisite coursework.


    Please email questions to our organization box.