Military Readiness Course

Military Nutrition Operations Course (2 credits)

The Joint Field Nutrition Operations Course (JFNOC) is designed to provide hands-on nutrition operations training within a simulated Army field hospital in a deployed setting. Students will be immersed into a full-spectrum operation and training exercise at Camp Bullis, San Antonio, Texas.

Course Description

During the ten-day course, several teams of dietitians and support personnel from the Army, Navy, and Air Force participate in various scenarios that hone their tactical skills such as land navigation, combat casualty care, and convoys. Student teams manage field feeding and patient services using operational rations and medical supplements in different scenarios including a mass casualty, a chemical attack, and an equipment failure along with food rationing.

Students learn how to assess the nutritional status of various populations and become familiar with several types of non-governmental organizations (NGO) food distribution programs in the stability operations simulation.