Joint Field Nutrition Operations Course (JFNOC)

JFNOC Mission

Accreditation standards for Dietetics Education programs require curriculums to be built around core entry- level competencies. In the Baylor-US Military Graduate Program in Nutrition, one of the core competencies is military skills. This competency is designed to provide hands-on nutrition operations training within an Army deployable hospital experiencing full-spectrum operations. The military skills component is fulfilled by the tri-service Joint Field Nutrition Operations Course (JFNOC) held at Camp Bullis.

Course Description

During the nine day course, several teams of dietitians and support personnel from the Army, Navy, and Air Force participate in various scenarios that hone their tactical skills such as land navigation, treating casualties, and convoys. The teams manage medical field feeding and patient services using operational rations and medical supplements in different scenarios including a mass casualty, a chemical attack, and an equipment failure along with food rationing. Participants learn how to assess nutritional status of various populations and become familiar with several types of food distribution programs in the stability operations simulation.