What is a typical day for a MPN student?

Is there a "typical day?"

The reorganization into an ACEND Future Education Model Graduate Program will allow students the opportunity to integrate didactic and experiential learning. Students strengthen their knowledge through immediate application in a variety of practical settings and activities.

Students are expected to participate in physical readiness training on a routine basis. After physical readiness training, time is permitted for personal hygiene and breakfast before going to classes for the day. Classes begin at approximately 8:00 a.m. and students can expect to spend their day in a classroom, lab, simulation, studying, and/or executing supervised experiential learning.

The MPN coordinates all supervised experiential learning hours. Students are NOT required to locate their own supervised experiential learning sites and/or preceptors.

Students should expect to travel to a remote training site one to two times, no more than eight weeks, during year two of the 24-month program.