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Military dietitians are engaged in a variety of research projects at any given time. Some dietitians are assigned to work on research exclusively, such as the dietitians of United States Army Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) of Natick, Massachusetts. Other dietitians are finding fresh opportunities for research in deployed environments. The GPN includes research as a fundamental goal for each student.

Research and Professional Activities

The GPN's professional involvement in the field of nutrition includes publications, poster sessions, invited lectures, and grant activities. They are published in a variety of journals such as the Journal of the Academy and Dietetics, Diabetes Educator, Military Medicine, and Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology. Topics range from weight, lifestyle and behavior change, diabetes, Joint Field Nutrition Operations, performance nutrition, and minerals and nutritional status.


Class of 2020 Research Topics

BAMC Students


2LT Caponera - Is there an association between T2D remission rate in Soldiers and the type of bariatric surgery they receive (Roux-en-y, Gastric Sleeve) compared to national averages?


2LT Eberlein - What is the impact of diet order non-compliance on total calorie and protein intake of patients in the STICU compared to those who received prescribed amount?


2LT Swanson - Is pre-meal appetite associated with Soldiers food choice within the dining facility?


2LT Arnold - Is intravenous supplementation of Cu, Se, and Zn associated with decreased infection rates in patients with severe burns?


2LT Fossati - Do macronutrient distribution in total kilocalories consumed (compared to recommendations) for hospitalized, severely burned patients have an effect on weight changes and wound healing?


WRNMMC Students


2LT Griffin - Do dietary quality and overall energy intake differ amongst active duty Soldiers who get less than 7 hours, 7-8 hours, or greater than 8 hours of sleep per night?


2LT Smith - Are Walter Reed military personnel satisfied with telenutrition services?


2LT Chapman - Do quantity and quality of sleep affect cardiovascular risk in patients with traumatic lower limb amputations?


2LT Wonn - Does length of attendance to the Fit4Performace weight loss program facilitate weight loss?


2LT Adams - Which lifestyle behaviors are predictors of android fat compared to gynoid fat deposition in Soldiers (DEXA)?


MAMC Students


2LT Doubet - Do new Army recruits exhibit different health behaviors than ROTC candidates?


2LT Pierce - What environmental and lifestyle factors correlate with Soldiers and weight gain?


2LT Komisak - Does the effectiveness of impact advanced recovery beverage on decreasing infection rates vary among surgeries offered at MAMC?


2LT Jarnow - Do service members given nutrition education in Vitamin D supplementation for 3 months have a subsequent increase in Vitamin D levels at 12 months post supplementation?


2LT Tommas - Does health watch 360 app increase physical activity and facilitate weight loss in Soldiers at risk for metabolic syndrome?