Distinguished Faculty Service Award

This award was established to encourage and recognize excellence in service to the community to enhance graduate education. Selection for the award is based on the consensus judgment of an external stakeholder group, e.g. the Executive Advisory Board, Dean and Associate Deans of Baylor University, or Dean and Associate Deans of the Academy of Health Science Graduate School.


Award Recipients

2018 - CAPT Lynn Downs

2017 - CAPT Lynn Downs

2016 - Lt Col Jason Richter

2015 - MAJ(P) Fred Weigel

2014 - LTC Bradley Beauvais

2013 - MAJ Joseph Topinka

2012 - MAJ Forest Kim

2011 - Dr. Lawrence Johnson

2010 - LTC Lee Bewley

2009 - MAJ Paul Brezinski

2008 - LTC Lee Bewley

2007 - Dr. Karin Zucker

2006 - Dr. David Mangelsdorff