How to Apply


Preface: All applicants must follow the application procedures established by their appropriate service's regulations. For specific information about services' procedures, contact respective career activities/education office(s).

General procedures for applying for the Army-Baylor Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration are as follows:


1. Satisfy all prerequisites for matriculation into the program.


The prerequisites for applicants to the program include:

A. Federal Service employment

B. Baccalaureate degree or first professional degree from an accredited educational institution

C. Both the GRE and the GMAT are accepted by Baylor University for admission. The minimum acceptable GRE for the MHA program is 300, while the minimum GMAT score for is 525. For the joint MHA/MBA degree option, the minimum acceptable GRE score is 310 while the minimum GMAT score is 575. 

D. Cumulative 3.0 undergraduate grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale from degree granting institution


2. Prior to submitting application to the respective career activity office, applicants will submit undergraduate and graduate transcripts with a letter to the Education Technician requesting evaluation by Baylor University, Waco, Texas (transcripts may be unofficial copies at this time). Applicants must also submit a current GRE or GMAT score.


Baylor will not make an evaluation until all transcripts are received, to include schools where only a one-hour course was taken. Baylor requires a transcript from every school attended and will not evaluate courses for a school listed on another institution's transcript. Baylor will not accept "student grade report forms" in lieu of a transcript. We cannot emphasize this enough. Baylor is very strict in its requirements.


If you attended an institution of higher learning where there is no transcript available, or you took the CLEP, please make note of this in your letter of request for evaluation. Remember, Baylor (not the military) has the final say as to whether or not an officer attends this program. Following the evaluation, a letter will be returned to the applicant. For Army officers, a copy of the letter should be submitted with the officer's application to  Long Term Health Education & Training (LTHET). Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard officers will follow their service directives as well as Veteran Affairs and Department of the Army civilian employees. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact us to ensure that everything has been received for an evaluation. When applicants have been advised by their appropriate organization that they have been approved to attend the program, the applicant should write each undergraduate and graduate school attended and request one certified transcript be sent to:









3. Additionally, request the GRE or GMAT testing center send a certified copy of test results to Institution Code 6861. Officers must use the GRE or GMAT score request form. The form may be obtained from the testing center or the Post/Base education office.


4. If you are selected by your service for attendance at the Army- Baylor Graduate Program in Health and Business Administration, you will be contacted by the Program Administration Office via letter for final processing. If you have a change of address before you hear from us, please notify us immediately. It may be several months before you hear from us after being notified by your branch!




5. If you are a Department of the Army civilian employee wishing to enter the Army-Baylor Program, please contact Raymond Mendoza at (210) 221-7245, email:  If you are a federal employee of the Veterans Administration, contact Chris Adams, Instructional Systems Specialist/Program Manager for GHATP and NExT US Department of Veterans Affairs VHA Healthcare Leadership Talent Institute (HLTI) , at (216) 246-2529, email:


6. If you have any questions, please call the Education Technician: DSN 471-6443, or commerical 210-221-6443.