Inclusion of Previously Published Manuscripts

With the permission of their department, students may wish to reproduce one of their previously published articles as a chapter of their dissertation. This is called the "manuscript format." The Dissertation Guidelines give instructions on how to incorporate this material (see specifically pages 2-3, 9-10, 13, 15, and Appendix F.)

Formatting Previously Published Material

With certain caveats, students may maintain the formatting used for the published version of their article for ease of formatting. When incorporating a previously published chapter:

  • Table/caption, figure/legend, and heading formatting may differ from traditional Baylor formatting as long as the formatting within the chapter is internally consistent.
  • Article-specific abstracts, keywords, and references may remain with the specific chapter.
  • Regardless, a fully consolidated reference list, including all references for previously published material, is required at the end of the entire dissertation.

Exceptions to journal-specific formatting:

  • Students must maintain Baylor's required margins and font size, avoid using bold, and use a single column of text.
  • Figures and Tables should be numbered consecutively throughout the entire dissertation (1.4, 2.3, etc.)
  • The level 1 (chapter) heading and level 2 (title) heading at the beginning of the chapter should follow Baylor guidelines, followed by a full citation of the published version of the chapter. Instructions for how to do this can be found in Appendix F of the Guidelines.
Attributions Page

All students incorporating publications that were a collaborative effort of co-researchers or co-authors must include an Attributions page within their front matter. This section should mention the specific contributions of each author of each publication, including the author of the dissertation, for each published chapter. A sentence per contributor is sufficient. See page 13 of our Guidelines.

Publisher Permissions

Students are required to provide copies of publisher permissions for reproduced material. A screenshot from the journal's website, a Word document with the relevant copy-and-pasted information and a link, or an email from the publisher are all acceptable to fulfill this requirement. If you are having trouble finding or identifying publisher permissions, please contact Billie Peterson in the libraries at for assistance. You will upload these publisher permissions as "supplemental" documents to the Baylor submission portal when uploading your manuscript draft.

Petition to Include Non-First Author Publications

PhD candidates may use prior publications as chapters in their dissertations when approved by their departments. While students are typically the sole or first author on publications included in their manuscript, sometimes exceptions may be made with Graduate School approval. We also recognize that some disciplines list authors alphabetically or using other criteria within their publications. Committee chairs may petition on behalf of their student to include publications on which students are not the first author by completing this form


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