Catalog & Curricular Revisions

The Graduate Catalog defines the official policies and procedures of the Graduate School and the degree requirements and course options for each of our programs. Unless otherwise requested by the Graduate Program Director, students are subject to the degree requirements listed in the catalog for the year they enter the program. 

Catalog Revisions

Annual revisions may be needed for reasons including:

  1. To revise a program description
  2. To update course listings
  3. To update course requirements
Changes to Degree Requirements

Most catalog revisions can be made with only departmental approval. Changes to degree requirements must be reviewed by one of the Graduate Curriculum Committees. Programs can request these changes by submitting a brief document with the following information. 

  • An explanation or justification for the changes
  • A clear description of the changes, including the desired effective date
  • A note about the department/program faculty who have reviewed and recommend the changes

After the changes have been approved, the Catalog and degree audit will be updated.

Resources for Reviewing and Submitting Changes
  • Current degree requirements are available here.
  • Catalog and degree changes can be submitted here.
  • Course proposals must start here.

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