Letter of Completion

Letter of Completion Request 

A letter of completion is a letter signed by the Graduate School Dean confirming that you have completed all degree requirements, that you are cleared for graduation, and that your degree will be conferred on the next graduation date. These should only be requested if required by an employer/institution.

Letters of completion must be requested at least 3 weeks before your deadline.  Dissertation and thesis students should also factor in revision timelines. If you need a letter of completion, email both Alana_Schaeper@baylor.edu and Becca_Cassady@baylor.edu with the following information.

Student’s Full Name: 

Student’s Baylor ID Number: 

Expected Graduation Date (Month/Year): 

Date by which the letter of completion is needed: 

Name of institution/employer requesting the letter: 

Name of individual to whom the letter should be addressed (at the institution/employer): 

Email address of the individual to whom the letter should be sent: 

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