Preliminary Technical Review

Each graduate student is required to undergo a preliminary technical review at least 14 days prior to their defense. Reviews are conducted by the Dissertation and Thesis Office, directed by Dr. Becca Cassady.

Schedule your Review

Students should schedule their review by using the Microsoft Bookings scheduling system by clicking the image below or following this hyperlink. All Baylor students have access to Bookings through their Baylor account and must use their Bayor email to schedule. Once scheduled, students will receive an email with a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting at their scheduled time, which they can also access through their Baylor account.

prelim tech review

Prior to your Meeting

Review the Dissertation and Thesis Formatting Guidelines. Consider copy-pasting your work into the Dissertation/Thesis template provided. You must do your best to apply all formatting guidelines including spacing, margins, fonts, etc. to your work prior to meeting. 

If our guidelines have clearly not been applied to your document, your review will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule for a later date.

Submitting your Document

By the morning of your review, please log in to our submission system at  Complete the initial information in steps 1-3.  In Step 4, “Upload Your Files,” scroll down and read all sticky notes along the right side before you begin.  Upload documents per the instructions and complete the process. You will end up submitting the following, including several forms that can be found on our website:

  • A PDF of your entire document as your primary document and a Word document as a supplementary document (LaTex students should submit only a PDF document).
  • The Copyright and Availability form. The electronic system requires you to submit this form. If you have not completed the form, you can submit a blank Copyright and Availability form, but you will need to update this submission later with the completed form.
  • A filled signature page (PDF) as a "supplementary document." Do not attempt to insert the signature page into Word or the PDF of your dissertation/thesis at this stage. You must have this at your preliminary review so that we can confirm it is formatted correctly before you seek out signatures at your defense.
  • Doctoral students should also turn in the completed Doctoral Investment Form.

 Note: It is not necessary to convert your document into PDF/A.

The Review

The graduate assistants in the Dissertation and Thesis Office will review your submission and prepare feedback. They will screen-share and walk through this feedback with you during the 30-minute review, which is conducted via Teams through the link sent to you upon scheduling.


After meeting with one of our graduate assistants, the GA will upload the version of your dissertation or thesis that contains their comments to the submission portal. They will also send you a follow-up email with detailed instructions and ensure you have all the proper forms.

You should go ahead and apply any necessary formatting/revisions to your document, but you do not need to re-upload your document until after your defense. You will submit again within 10 days after your defense date with all of your formatting changes along with any content revisions required by your committee. Our team will then conduct a post-defense review and inform you of any last changes required before approval by the Graduate Writing Center Director.

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