Best Practices for Expenses and Reimbursements for Graduate Students working with the Graduate School

Whenever possible, graduate students should ask a staff member to use a P-card to make the purchase for them. This can be a staff member in the home department (in which case the Graduate School would reimburse the department) or a Graduate School staff member.

Sandra Harman does the purchasing for students and organizations working with Dr. Beth Allison Barr. Please direct your request to Dr. Barr and Mrs. Harman. 

Anna Henderson is the Graduate School approver for all purchases/reimbursements for all groups, including GSA and Grad Housing, through Ignite. Before you purchase, please confirm the budget you are working with and take note of the approved vendors for Baylor, linked here.

If you do purchase out of pocket, please remember your must request the purchase to be tax exempt. Otherwise, you will not be reimbursed for the tax and will probably have to edit your expense report.  

Students who do purchase out of pocket (or faculty purchasing for the Graduate School), you may find instructions on how to file an expense report here. The only way to be reimbursed if you spend out of pocket is to file the expense report yourself through Ignite.

There is no need for the student to send us their receipts or wait on us to file the report for them. The student should contact Anna Henderson for the correct account number to charge the expenses to.  

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