Graduate Student Payroll

Use the links below to edit student payroll information outside of the normal admission process and End of Term process.

  • Hire or Update a Graduate Assistant or Graduate Student Employee-Monthly:  
    • GA/GSE-M Form
    • Note: Students who have not previously worked for Baylor will need to contact HR to complete required paperwork before they begin.
  • Update Funding Information for a Current Graduate Assistant or Graduate Student Employee
    • All funding changes are made through a Labor Distrution request, which can be submitted by contacting your department's Business Officer.  A list of Business Officers can be find here.
    • If you require a funding source change for a GA or GSE that is whole or partially funded on a sponsored, external project or grant, please also contact your URA. A list of URAs is available here
  • Hire or update a Bi-Weekly Graduate Student Employee:

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