Graduate Research

At Baylor, graduate students and faculty work together to develop creative solutions to some of the world's most significant challenges, including poverty, hunger, energy, economic growth, human rights, diversity and sustainability.


Graduate students engage in rigorous research and compelling scholarship, guided by the University's foundational commitment to solving problems facing people and communities worldwide.

Baylor offers the opportunity to make a difference.

Research and Discovery

To challenge minds. To change the world.

National Research Rankings

It's not just about ranking. It's greater than that.


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Saving Lives

It's not just about saving the eye of a child. It's greater than that.

Saving the Oceans

It's not just about tracking the longest-living mammal. It's greater than that.

Sniffing Out Cancer

It's not just about building the first mechanical dog's nose. It's greater than that.

Building Healthier Lives

It's not just about igniting the engine of small business. It's greater than that.