FAQs about Graduate Student Health Insurance

FAQS about Graduate Student Health Insurance


Graduate Student Health Insurance:  We have worked hard to provide coverage options to all of our domestic students (on-campus as well as online, professional as well as research doctorates, Masters and PhD) through introducing the hard waiver policy. The Graduate Student Insurance Hard Waiver provides an expansion of coverage for our students, a reduction in cost for students who purchase insurance, and allows domestic students to enroll online and have online access to their benefits and plan. You may find more information about graduate student health insurance on the Graduate School website here and the AHP website here.   

1. All fully-enrolled (3 credit hours or 1 full time equivalency course) domestic graduate students are required to maintain health insurance, either enrolling in the plan provided by Baylor or showing proof of alternate coverage each semester. 

2. International students also are required to maintain health insurance, but this is a continuing standard for them and their process has not changed. International students should follow the process outlined on the Center for Global Engagement website here.  

3. The process for domestic students is now done fully online. After students register for classes during the upcoming semester, students will receive an email from AHP providing a portal for students to either enroll or waive. Students who qualify for the subsidy will receive it automatically (the subsidy is explained here). Please note that students must be fully funded (receive full tuition remission and be fully-funded through Baylor with a 10 or 12-month stipend level of at least $15,000 for MA/MS students and at least $17,000 for a doctoral student) to be eligible for a health insurance subsidy. 

4. The health insurance process is outlined below: 

  • Students must waive or enroll in health insurance each semester (Fall, Spring & Summer).
  • Students must be registered for the semester before they will receive the insurance enrollment email from AHP. It is very important to make sure all graduate students within your department are registered as soon as possible for the upcoming semester (we recommend at least 6-8 weeks in advance). 
  • You may find the annual and semester pricing for the Baylor Health Insurance plan on the Graduate School website here.
  • Please know it may take up to 5 days for student enrollment in health insurance to be verified online. This is normal. The open enrollment period allows time for this to process.
  • You may find information about subsidy  eligibility on the graduate school website here. If you believe your subsidy status is incorrect, please first verify your funding with your GPD and have them contact the Graduate School. We must have verification from the GPD before changes can be made to subsidy status. 


  • If a student has questions about health insurance enrollment or billing:  
    • If you have general questions about insurance at Baylor, please contact Betty Fornelius. 
    • If it is about subsidy status, please have your GPD verify your funding status and then have your GPD contact Alanna_Martinez@baylor.edu if there is an error. 
    • If you have questions about what qualifies for waiving insurance, please see here and contact AHP for questions. 
    • If you have questions about the enrollment process through AHP, enrolling dependents, enrolling in dental, your bill for dependents and dental, or problems in the enrollment portal, please contact AHP here or here.   
  • If you plan to include your spouse and/or dependents, or enroll in dental, you will be allowed to do that after you have completed the individual enrollment process. The subsidized and/or unsubsidized individual premium cost will be billed through Baylor, but any spouse/dependent/dental will be due direct to AHP at time of enrollment. You must enroll yourself first, then do the process again adding your spouse. You will NOT be charged twice for yourself (AHP is adding language to the website clarifying this). You can find these details on the AHP enrollment webpage here. You may ask specific questions through the AHP website here. 
  • If a student fails to either enroll or waive within the required time frame, they will receive a warning email from AHP reminding you to enroll or waive. If they still fail to do this by the end of the open enrollment period, they will be automatically enrolled and insurance charges placed on their student bill.   

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