Graduate Student Teachers-of-Record (TORs) 

Graduate students throughout programs at Baylor University, both at the master's and doctoral level, have the opportunity to teach undergraduate classes. Evidence shows that this is beneficial to graduate students, preparing them for future jobs in the academy--possibly even speeding their time to degree while reducing their waiting time on the job market. The Baylor University Graduate School works hard to support graduate student TORs.

For classroom instruction, must have a master’s degree or completed 18 hours in the discipline they are teaching Approved Exemptions:   	Lab sections, 1 hour HHPR course,  	1 hour Music course, PUBH 1145 Only teach undergraduate level courses In rare instance where teaching graduate level, must complete “Faculty Certification of Credentials” form with Office of the Provost Must be mentored by a faculty member. If audited, we must be able to supply records of qualification, thus the online form.

To help us in this process, we require Graduate Program Directors or their Administrative Assistants to complete the online New Teacher of Record (TOR) Verification form for Graduate Students  so that the Graduate School can properly connect TORs to training and document satisfaction of SACS accreditation requirements. A reminder will be sent through the Graduate School Update emails near the end of each semester.  


1) Teacher of Record Training (TORT):  All Teachers-of-Record at Baylor University must receive training appropriate to their role. This training is primarily focused on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and related concerns. Graduate Programs should alert the Graduate School of all first time TORs (through the New Teacher of Record (TOR) Verification form) so that we can enroll them in the Canvas TOR training. All TORs must complete this training, and the Graduate School will monitor student participation and alert GPDs of non-compliant students. 

2) Title IX training:  All Teachers-of-Record at Baylor University must complete Civil Rights and Title IX Training. The Graduate School sends a list of all TORs (submitted through the New Teacher of Record (TOR) Verification form)  to the Equity Office, who will assign TORs the training.

3) Background Check.  All first-time Teachers of Record must clear a background check.  Human Resources will email each first-time TOR in regard to completing a background check through the HireRight company. Please let your students know this email is legitimate and they should follow the instructions that will come from Human Resources and HireRight. The background check is mandatory.   

4)  Payroll for graduate student TORs must be set up separately.  See baylor.edu/graduate/payroll for instructions.

5) Please encourage your graduate student TORs to take advantage of the many workshops and resources of the Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL).  The Graduate School partners with the ATL to offer the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education (TeaCHE). This capstone, which is listed on transcripts, is intended to enhance readiness to teach in a higher education environment and provide distinction on the job market.

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