COVID-19 Resources for Graduate Students

To address the challenges that COVID-19 crisis has caused for the graduate student community at Baylor University, the Graduate School will continue the following policies and encourage use of the following resources:

Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 semester has arrived and we welcome students back to campus. The continued safety of Baylor students, faculty and staff is of the utmost importance, especially as we continue to monitor the delta variant and the increased presence in Texas. We ask that you continue to follow University COVID-19 guidance and stay up to date on all University COVID-19 compliance on our Coronavirus Information page. 

In Case of COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure:

  • This page is updated regularly for students 
  • Baylor students concerned that you may have been exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, call the Baylor Health Services dedicated nurse line at 254-710-4939. This phone line is for questions or concerns about the coronavirus and will be answered by nurses from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Baylor Health Services will be able to make appointments at this phone number for testing for the coronavirus, if you meet several required criteria. For after hours concerns, please call 254-710-1010. 
  • Baylor students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and/or awaiting testing after exposure to COVID-19 should first contact Baylor Health services (above) to report your condition. You may seek testing through Baylor Health Services or your preferred medical provider (you may find links to the health care providers in Waco here). Second, contact your Graduate Program Director and your supervising faculty. We ask you to adhere to the CDC guidelines for exposure
  • You may find Baylor Notification Procedures for Individuals Presumptively Positive or with Positive Tests for COVID-19 (graduate student workers and with assistantships should follow this process). 

Extended Timeline to Degree

  • Graduate students who need timeline extensions for their degree as a result of the COVID-19 disruption may apply to extend their time-to-degree clock.

  • Students should submit a formal statement requesting an extension which should include the specific reason why the extension is needed (disruption of research, etc.) and state the extended time requested (1-2 semesters). The formal request should be made first to the faculty advisor and graduate program director. After approval within the department, it should be forwarded to Alana Schaeper within the graduate school.

  • The graduate school will provide timeline extensions and continue tuition remission for approved extensions, and has limited resources to help departments extend funding for affected students.

Extended Program Deadlines

  • The Graduate School extended will deadlines for Dissertation and Thesis defenses as needed in response to continued COVID-19 disruptions. The Fall 2021 deadlines can be found here. Students who need flexibility due to the COVID-19 crisis to should reach out to Sandra Harman.

  • Individual Baylor Graduate School programs may have additional degree deadlines for academic performance. Students should consult with their academic program for further information in these cases.

  • The Graduate School supports the continuation of departmental qualifying exams within non-traditional settings (remote and virtual) if the format of the exams allows for a non-traditional setting. We encourage graduate faculty and graduate program directors to be as flexible as possible to keep student degree progress on track and to reduce student anxiety.

Virtual Defenses Dissertation & Thesis

In line with the university’s goals to deliver on our educational mission while protecting health and safety, the Graduate School is asking students and committees to conduct dissertation defenses online and relaxing certain requirements for faculty signatures. Please visit the Dissertation & Thesis Resources page for further information about conducting online defenses and completing the required forms.

  • Our campus food pantry, The Store,  is available to both graduate students and undergraduate students.

  • Truett Seminary has compiled a list of resources, including more food pantries and internet access, available in the area during this time of crisis.

  • We must continue to do everything we can to strengthen our personal health protection and heighten our social distancing practices, as well as follow the instructions of federal, state and local officials. 

  • The Baylor Counseling Services do have virtual campus care for students that is still available. You may call the Counseling Center 24/7 at 254-710-2467.

  • We wish you all the best as you transition to online teaching and learning. A resource website for instructors is available at Adapting to these shifting circumstances will require patience and flexibility across the board.

  • The Graduate Writing Center is still open - virtually! Set up an online appointment here!

  • Please continue to take the preventive actions as recommended by the CDC, including washing your hands, covering coughs with your elbow/sleeve, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Also, please avoid groups and keep a physical distance from others.

  • For StudentsIf you are in Waco, call the Baylor Student Health Services nurse hotline at 254-710-4939, and they will advise if you meet the criteria for testing. Between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, Baylor Health Services will be able to make appointments at this phone number for on-campus testing for the coronavirus, if warranted. For those students not in Waco, please contact your local healthcare provider.

  • Call your healthcare provider for medical advice. Always call ahead before going to the doctor’s office or emergency room and tell them your symptoms. They will tell you what to do. Calling ahead will help the office protect themselves and other patients.

*The Graduate School appreciates Michael dePalma and Cara Allen for compiling the original list of resources for students in Graduate Housing in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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