Honors College Post-doctoral Teaching Fellowship

Pilot 5 + 1 Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program

Through a collaborative partnership, the Honors College and the Graduate School are pleased to announce the launch of a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program for the academic year 2023-2024.

Baylor University Ph.D. students who complete their doctoral degrees within five active years of enrollment and graduate in 2022-2023 are eligible to compete for a limited number of one-year teaching fellowships for 2023-2024. The 10-month fellowship will include a salary of $40,000, continued access to Graduate School travel funds, and the same health benefits as Baylor faculty.

Successful fellows will benefit from a year of postdoctoral job security, accrual of significant teaching experience, access to pedagogical seminars, opportunity to engage high ability undergraduates within an interdisciplinary curriculum, and collegial relationships with an accomplished faculty known for combining teaching excellence and research productivity. All of these things will strengthen fellows’ future competitiveness on the academic job market.

Graduate students who began their Baylor Ph.D. work in 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 and graduate in 2022-2023 (4 or 5 years after beginning their degree) are eligible. Students who anticipate eligibility should submit a brief letter of intent, which includes the endorsement of their Graduate Program Director, and their CV to the Baylor Graduate School by Fall 2022 (details TBA). After confirmation of their 2022-2023 graduation, the Baylor Graduate School will work with the Honors College and relevant program directors to offer up to 4 teaching fellowships to applicants within the pool of eligible students.

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