Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program

The Graduate School launched the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in 2020-2021 with the support of the Provost’s Office and in collaboration with the College of Arts & Sciences and the Honors College.  Currently, postdoctoral fellowships in the Honors College and the College of Arts & Sciences are offered for Baylor graduates through the Graduate School.  See here for School of Education postdoctoral information. 

These 10-month positions will include a salary of $40,000, continued access to Graduate School travel funds, additional mentoring and professional development training, and the same health benefits as Baylor faculty for the 10-month duration of the postdoctoral position. 

The process for nomination and selection is as follows:

  • PhD graduates within the College of A&S who have completed their degree within the academic year immediately preceding the start date of the Teaching Fellowship are eligible. Beginning next year with the January 2023 application cycle (for 2023-2024), applicants must have completed their PhDs within 5 active years of the start of their program.  
  • GPDs in collaboration with their department Chairs will submit a one page letter of recommendation for 1-2 eligible students within their department. In addition to outlining why the department supports the application of the student, it will also outline the classes to be taught during the one-year fellowship (4-4 load). Students should provide their CV along with the nomination letter.
  • For Fall 2022 consideration, applications should be submitted via email to the professional development office in the Graduate School (care of Laura Sepanski) by January 31, 2022. The nominations must come from the GPDs with the support of department chairs.
  • The Graduate School will provide review of the applications along with the A&S and Honors college, and submit the candidates to both the deans of A&S and the Honors College. Three Teaching fellows will be selected for A&S and one teaching fellow will be selected for the Honors College. The candidates will be selected based on the strength of their applications as well as the teaching needs of the university. 
  • Candidates for the English postdoctoral fellowships will be decided within the English department; candidates for the School of Education will be decided within the School of Education. 
  • Selection of Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships will be announced by February 28, 2022.

The goal is for this Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship to pave the way for the 2023-2024 Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship. The 4 Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship positions for 2021-2022 will join the three English Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship positions launched in 2020-2021 (for a total of 7 postdoctoral teaching fellowships), and become part of the Competitive Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program for 2023-2024. In 2023-2024, eligible students will have completed their PhD within the calendar year immediately preceding the start date of the Teaching Fellowship as well as have completed their PhD program within 5 active years.

We encourage departments to continue giving first priority of all PTL hires to recent PhD graduates. While these students may not be recipients of the competitive Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship program, they can still benefit from a year of teaching full loads within the department as they prepare for the job market. We encourage departments to consider hiring PhD students to teach full loads (or close to full loads) as PTL hires.

We are working to continue expanding the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship Program. We are so thankful for the support of the Provost Office in helping us create these postdoctoral positions.  

The Baylor Graduate School is committed to expanding this program for as many PhD students as possible. It is our goal to make postdoctoral fellowships for Baylor PhD students a regular part of our academic landscape.


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