Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship Program

The Program

Launching in 2023-2024, Baylor doctoral students who complete their degree within five active years of enrollment will be eligible to compete for postdoctoral teaching fellowships within the College of Arts & Sciences, the Honors College, the School of Education, and the Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences.

The 10-month fellowships will include a salary of at least $40,000, continued access to graduate school travel funds, and the same health benefits as Baylor faculty.  The postdoctoral fellowships will be guaranteed for one year, but may be renewable for up to two years in some departments. Successful fellows will benefit from a year of postdoctoral job security as well as a year of considerable teaching experience—both which will strengthen their competitiveness on the job market.

Currently, Baylor doctoral students within programs relevant to the participating colleges who began their doctoral work in 2018-2019 or after and will complete their degrees within 5 active years of enrollment are eligible. Students who anticipate eligibility should submit a brief letter of intent, which includes the endorsement of their Graduate Program Director, and their c.v. to the Baylor Graduate School by Fall 2022 (details TBA). After confirmation of their 2022-2023 graduation, the Baylor Graduate School will work with the relevant colleges and department chairs to offer a limited number of postdoctoral teaching fellowships for 2023-2024.

The Benefits

  • Powerful recruiting tool
  • Strong incentive for graduate students to complete their degree within a timely fashion
  • Budget neutral
  • Because it is competitive, allows participating colleges and departments the ability to choose the best applicants to fit current teaching needs
  • Advantageous to undergraduate students, as it provides a deeper pool of well-qualified PhD instructors who are already experienced teaching Baylor students
  • Advantageous to doctoral students, as it prepares new PhDs for the competitive job market and provides temporary postdoctoral job security with a living salary and benefits.  

The Continued Expansion

Currently, the College of Arts & Sciences, the Honors College, the School of Education, and Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences have partnered with the Graduate School to launch Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships. The Baylor Graduate school would like to expand this program for as many graduate students as possible. We invite you to join us in making postdoctoral fellowships for Baylor doctoral students a regular part of our academic landscape.


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