Dissertation Fellows

Summer 2020 Fellows

Summer Dissertation Prochnow Tyler Prochnow is a PhD Candidate in the Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Department at Baylor University. Tyler’s dissertation focuses on social influences related to active living within the context of a father focused family-oriented health program implemented on the border of Texas and Mexico. With this work, he hopes to better understand the implications of social influence and social networks for families living in these border areas and how public health programs can facilitate meaningful physical activity behavior change. 






Summer Dissertation Spofford Holly Spofford is a PhD Candidate and Teacher of Record in the English department. Her research interests broadly center on the portrayal of human and nonhuman communities in Romantic and Victorian poetry. She is particularly interested in how 19th century poets use the resources of religious and liturgical language to conceptualize these communities. A Conyers scholar at Baylor, she received her B.A. from Grove City College with a major in English and minor in history.






Summer Dissertation Thangraj Joseph Thangraj is a PhD candidate in geophysics. Joseph earned his Integrated Masters in Applied Geophysics from the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad in 2015. Now he's analyzing several types of data from a transect across Texas' Gulf Coastal Plain.







Summer Dissertation Benham Kristina Benham is a PhD Candidate in the History department.  Her dissertation is on the Exodus narrative in public debate or national identity from the American Revolution to the Civil War, and her advisor is Tommy Kidd. 







Summer Dissertation Parker Elizabeth Travers Parker is a PhD candidate in British literature at Baylor University. Her dissertation focuses on how the literary forms of religious devotion shape ecological conscience for Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Ruskin, Christina Rossetti, and Gerard Manley Hopkins. She recently published an article on pedagogy as moral formation in the International Journal of Christianity and Education, and she has two entries on the devotional prose of Christina Rossetti forthcoming in the new Palgrave Encyclopedia of Victorian Women Writers. She also recently contributed a chapter on the incarnational landscapes of The Chronicles of Narnia to the forthcoming volume The Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis. 





Summer Dissertation NeisesTori Neises is a PhD Candidate in the Biology department. Her dissertation project is looking at the differences in Alaskan Steller sea lion and harbor seal fatty acid signatures from 1997-2010. Because fatty acids originate from digestion of prey and are known to be deposited into the blubber layer of marine mammals in a predictable way, fatty acid signatures are a biomarker that allows us to begin examining diet changes in these animals. The goal of this project is to examine whether differences in fatty acid signatures exist between Steller sea lions and harbor seals, and if so, attempt determine why those differences might exist. This project is in collaboration by Alaska Department of Fish and Game and all data were provided by ADF&G.




 Reyna Johnson is a PhD Candidate in the English Department. 








Summer Dissertation Johnson

 Laura Lysen is a PhD Candidate in the Religion department.








 Elizabeth Goyette is a PhD Candidate in the Political Science department. 









Luke Mitchell is a PhD Candidate in the English department.

Nicholas Norman-Krause is a PhD Candidate in the Religion department. 

B.J. Thome is a PhD Candidate in the English department.

Nik Breiner is a PhD Candidate in the Philosophy department. 



Summer 2019 Fellows

Russ Browder, Business
Rachel Kilgore, English
Josh Pittman, English
Aly Baumgartner, Geoscience
Jeff Strietzel, Higher Education & Leadership
Joel Iliff, History
Alyssa Craven, History
Caroline Paddock, Philosophy
Hilary Yancey, Philosophy
Greg Barnhill, Religion
Scott Prather, Religion

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