Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

Each semester, the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award honors graduate student Teachers of Record who were able to balance their own studies and responsibilities while demonstrating excellence as classroom instructors. Recipients are given a plaque to commemorate their achievement at a Spring luncheon and granted an additional travel award that can be used to attend a conference or conference sessions that will further inform their teaching.

2018-19 Winners

James Davidson, Sociology

Tori Hudgins, Mathematics

Kenneth Vaughan, Sociology

Nicholas Colgrove, Philosophy

Sara Dye, English

Samantha Hodges, BioMedical Studies

2016-17 Winners

Adina Johnson is a doctoral student in History. “Many students think history is ‘boring’ or ‘just facts and dates.’ Ms. Johnson dispels these misunderstandings by consistently pointing out how history shapes current events and students’ lives … She makes history real and meaningful for students. Helping students connect what happens in the classroom with life outside the classroom is characteristic of great teachers,” said Dr.Julia deGraffenried.

Adina Johnson OGSIA 2016
Dean Larry Lyon, Adina Johnson, Dr. Barry Hankins

Keith Kerschen is a doctoral student in Curriculum & Instruction. “In order for Mr. Kerschen to address the learning environment and student engagement, it is critical that he have not only the content knowledge but also pedagogical content knowledge … I find that he is continuously seeking new ideas, research, and resources to be sure that he not only knows the specific content but how to teach it effectively," said Dr. Trena Wilkerson.

Keith Kerschen OGSIA 2016
Dean Larry Lyon, Keith Kerschen, Dr. Trina Wilkerson

Justin Nelson is a doctoral student in Sociology. Dr. Kevin Dougherty said, “A hallmark of Justin’s teaching is student involvement. In the class session I observed, students spoke. Lots of students spoke. From the very back row to the very front row. Men and women. Justin acknowledged each speaker by name. … In 75 minutes, I counted 45 student contributions to class discussions.”

Justin Nelson OGSIA 2016
Dean Larry Lyon, Justin Nelson, Dr. Jeremy Uecker

Scott Ryan is a doctoral student in Religion. Dr. Mikeal C. Parsons said, “Scott Ryan simply sparkles as a classroom teacher. His lectures are crisp, creative, and interactive. He has great rapport with students. Scott has built into his syllabus ample time for classroom discussion, a point noted and appreciated in the student comments. For myself, I was amazed that he was able to engage in meaningful discussion over a variety of topics in a class of sixty students—and at 8:00 a.m.!”

Scott Ryan OGSIA 2016
Dean Larry Lyon, Scott Ryan, Dr. Jim Nogalski

Erica Swindle is a doctoral student in Mathematics. “She is very engaged in the classroom and is able to engage students to participate. … When it comes to organization, Erica stands above the rest. Her syllabus and course calendar are exemplary. Also, her creative way of keeping the grade book has completely changed the way I think about fostering student success. … She does that of course because she cares. It is wonderful,” said Dr. Marcus Hunziker.

Erica Swindle OGSIA 2016
Dean Larry Lyon, Erica Swindle, Dr. Mark Sepanski

Not pictured:

Meredith Hoyland is a doctoral student in Psychology & Neuroscience. “In my 59 years of teaching this statistics course, I have supervised many, many TAs. Meredith is the best TA I have ever had. She is a truly gifted teacher … Perhaps her greatest gift if her knack for presenting complex material in a way that students can understand," said Dr. Roger E. Kirk.


Grace Aquino, Department of Environmental Science
Olivia Carroll, Department of Political Science
Nathan Cartagena, Department of Philosophy
Megan Haggard, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
Michael Milovich, Department of Information Systems
Amy Schroeder, Department of English


Courtney Bailey Parker, Department of English
Tom Carpenter, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
Todd Ferguson, Department of Sociology
Jeremy Leatham, Department of English
Huy Nguyen, Department of Mathematics
Nathan Warf, Department of Political Science


Scott Cleveland, Department of Philosophy
David Echelbarger, Department of Philosophy
Dana Horgen, Department of Chemistry
Brandon Martinez, Department of Sociology
Jessica Stewart, Department of Mathematics
Joshua Tom, Department of Sociology


DeAnn Barta, Department of English
Jill Estes, Department of Health, Human Performance & Recreation
Colby Moore, Department of Biology
Matt Moser, Department of Religion
Amy Rozzi, Department of Statistics
Sunny Wells, Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Tate Barrett, Department of Environmental Science
Kristin Connors, Department of Biomedical Studies
Christina Crenshaw, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Shanna Granstra, Department of Sociology
Ginger Hanchey, Department of English
Nathan Kilpatrick, Department of English


Aiyana Henry, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Martin Husemann, Department of Biology
Megan Johnson, BIC
Tommy Pettit, Department of Biology
Josh Stigall, Department of Religion
Andrew Whitehead, Department of Sociology


Bethany Bear, Department of English
Mark Boone, Department of Philosophy
Anica Debelica, Department of Biology
Angela Douglass, Department of Physics
Bethany Smith, Department of English
Tracey Sulak, Department of Psychology


Amy Antoninka, Department of Philosophy
Adrienne Atkins, Department of English
Jennifer Mills, Department of English
Kathleen Miller, Department of English
Lewis Pearson, Department of Philosophy
Joel Schwartz, Department of Philosophy


David Alexander, Department of Philosophy
Kristen Beavers, Department of Health, Human Performance, & Recreation
Lydia Cooper, Department of English
Leslie B. Jones, Department of Mathematics
Ginger Stelle, Department of English
Tiffany Turner, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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