Administrative Responsibilities

Program Curriculum and Courses
  • work with graduate faculty to develop curriculum and courses
  • stay abreast of developments in the discipline and guides program accordingly
  • enhance program by monitoring and improving applicant quality, time to degree, annual number of graduates, etc.
  • maintain Graduate Catalog materials as pertains to program
  • maintain program's web site
  • develop and distribute recruiting pamphlets, poster, other materials
  • attract, identify candidates via posters, correspondence, GRE Search, McNair Scholars Program,, etc.
  • staff program booths at conferences
  • travel to other campuses as necessary to recruit
  • speak to groups of prospects
  • respond to inquiries from prospective applicants
  • follow-up, nurturing of prospects via mail, phone, sponsor campus visits (recruitment weekends, etc.)
Management of Applications
  • receive reference letters
  • bring completed applications to departmental admissions committee
  • tap supplemental funds available through Graduate School for strong applicants
  • follow through with admission recommendations to Graduate School
  • extend financial offers to accepted applicants
  • maintain all graduate student records
  • facilitate arrival of matriculating students by providing information regarding housing, registration, financial arrangements, I-9 forms, etc.
Management of Graduate Assistants
  • assign duties to graduate assistants (scheduling of teaching, research, other services)
  • assure that graduate assistants are adequately trained to fulfill their assignments
  • assess work performance of graduate assistants
  • provide orientation (both academic and social) for incoming students
  • serve as resource for academic advisement, especially before major professor assumes this role
  • oversee constitution of students' advisory committees
  • provide information regarding internship/practicum arrangements
  • oversee administering of qualifying exams, oral exams, internship and practicum exams
  • oversee dissertation/thesis process in program
  • provide information regarding employment opportunities following graduation
  • serve as advocate of graduate students, individually and collectively, within program, assuring fairness of treatment; involves interaction with program's representative to the Graduate Student Association
  • responsible for discipline/sanctioning of graduate students
  • develop and submit stipend and tuition budget to Graduate School
  • argue needs for additional graduate assistant positions and for increased funding
  • manage graduate budget
  • process stipend and tuition authorizations in timely fashion, keeping graduate assistants apprised of this process
Promotion of Scholarship
  • serve as an example of scholarship by publishing regularly and with students when advisable
  • serve on thesis committees (and dissertation committees where applicable)
  • provide information about grants suitable for graduate students
  • encourage graduate-student participation in professional meetings
  • assist in securing funding for graduate students to participate in professional meetings
  • pursue assorted activities, such as organizing academic symposia
Representative of Program in Various Forums
  • within the University:
      -advocate graduate education in a generally undergraduate environment
      -serve as member of Graduate Council
      -serve as member of Doctoral Advisory Council (if in a doctoral program)
      -serve on standing and ad hoc committees of Graduate School
  • beyond the University:
      -participate in regional and national meetings
Other Responsibilities
  • support any other activities appropriate for enhancing the graduate program

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