Resources for Directors

In order to attract and retain capable faculty who will pursue the above responsibilities enthusiastically, certain resources must be provided. The level of resources made available to GPD should vary by the size and complexity of the graduate program, just as it does for department chairs.

Resources for service as GPD may include the following:

  • an administrative stipend
  • a reduction in other responsibilities (teaching, service , but not in scholarship because the GPD ought to serve as a model) is appropriate
  • assignment of a program assistant to process correspondence, forms, manage files, etc.
Appointment and Evaluation

Appointment of the GPD is made by the Provost upon the recommendation of the dean of the school or college in consultation with the chair of the department. For institutes, the director of the institute generally serves as the GPD. Appointment as GPD is usually for a term of 3 years, although the GPD may be removed at any time within the term.

Renewal of the appointment is at the pleasure of the dean. Decision to renew is based on annual evaluations submitted by the department chair and the Dean of the Graduate School to the dean of the college or school in which the department is located. Evaluation criteria are described in the "duties and responsibilities" section of this document.

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