GPD Listing

Department Graduate Program Director
Accounting Mr. Tim Thomasson
American Studies Dr. Marlene Neill
Athletic Training (MAT) Dr. Andrew Gallucci

Dr. Ryan King or Dr. Joseph Taube

Biomedical Studies Dr. Bob Kane
Business Administration Dr. Timothy Kayworth
Chemistry Dr. Kevin Shuford or
Dr. Michael Trakselis
Classics Dr. Meghan DiLuzio
Communication Sciences & Disorders - residential Dr. Susan Sherman
Communication Sciences & Disorders - online Dr. Venessa Grandjean
Communication Studies Dr. Leslie Hahner
Computer Science Dr. Eunjee Song
Curriculum & Instruction - residential Dr. Lakia Scott
Curriculum & Instruction - EdD online Dr. Sandi Cooper
Ecological, Earth, &
     Environmental Sciences
Dr. Bill Hockaday
Economics Dr. Michael Richards or
Dr. Scott Cunningham
Educational Leadership Dr. Rishi Sriram
Educational Leadership - K-12 EdD Dr. John Wilson
Educational Psychology (Doctoral Program) Dr. Tonya Davis
Educational Psychology (Master's Program) Dr. Janet Bagby
Educational Psychology (School Specialist) Dr. Eric Robinson
Engineering (Electrical & Computer) Dr. Ian Gravagne
Engineering (Mechanical) Dr. Steve McClain
English Dr. Richard Russell
Entrepreneurship Dr. Matt Wood
Environmental Science Dr. Erica Bruce
Exercise Nutrition Sciences (PhD) Dr. Paul Gordon
Exercise Physiology (MS) Dr. Yunsuk Koh
Geoscience Dr. Dan Peppe
Health, Human Performance, & Recreation Dr. Joe Shim
Health Services Research

Dr. Scott Cunningham

Dr. Michael Richards

Higher Education Studies and Leadership Dr. Perry Glanzer
History Dr. Andra Turpin
Information Systems - MSIS, MBA/MSIS Dr. Gina Green
Information Systems - Ph.D. Dr. Dorothy Leidner
Journalism Dr. Marlene Neill
Learning & Organizational Change -
     Online Ed.D.
Dr. Sandi Cooper
Mathematics Dr. Mark Sepanski
Museum Studies Dr. Kim McCray
Music Dr. Timothy McKinney
Music (Church Music PhD/DMA) Dr. Monique Ingalls
Nursing Dr. Kristi Feutz
Nutrition Sciences Dr. Maria Boccia
Occupational Therapy (OTD) Dr. Marian Gillard
Philosophy Dr. Alex Pruss or
Dr. Francis Beckwith
Physical Therapy (DPT) Dr. Brian Young
Physics Dr. Gerald Cleaver
Political Science Dr. Timothy Burns
Preaching Dr. Scott Gibson
Psychology - Clinical (PsyD) Dr. Christine Limbers
Psychology & Neuroscience (PhD) Dr. Joaquin Lugo
Public Health - residential Dr. Eva Doyle
Public Health - online Dr. Jasmine Opusunju
Religion Dr. James Nogalski
School Psychology - Waco ES
     (Educational Specialist)
Dr. Eric Robinson
School Psychology - Dallas ES
     (Educational Specialist)
Dr. Julie Ivey
School Psycholog PhD Dr. Nicholas Benson
Sociology Dr. Kevin Dougherty
Social Work - PhD Dr. Lanie Scales or Dr. Rob Rogers
Spanish Dr. Stephen Silverstein
Sport Management (MSEd) Dr. Jeffrey Petersen
Sport Pedagogy (MS) Dr. Glenn Miller
Statistics Dr. Jane Harvill
Taxation Mr. Tim Thomasson
Teaching (MA in Teaching) Dr. Tonya Davis
Theatre  Dr. Dave Jortner
Off Campus Programs
Nursing Dr. Kristi Feutz
Business - EMBA Austin Stacy McCracken
Business - EMBA Dallas Sharon Mawet
Baylor Military Health Sciences Programs
Clinical Orthopaedics, Physician Assistant MAJ Robyn L. Chalupa
Emergency Medicine, Physician Assistant LTC Ryan Curtis
General Surgery, Physician Assistant MAJ Stephen "Tony" Smith
Health & Business Administration LTC Alan Jones
Masters of Business Administration LTC Steve Schwab
Nurse Anesthesia (DNP) COL Denise Beaumont or
LTC Steven Kertes
Nutrition (MS) LTC Renee Cole
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy - BAMC MAJ Bryan Pickens
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy - West Point LTC Michael Crowell
Physical Therapy - Ft. Sam Houston LTC Ted Croy or
MAJ Carrie Hoppes
Occupational Therapy MAJ Brian Gregg

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