Graduate Curriculum Committee

The Graduate Curriculum Committee assists in the improvement of the graduate curriculum by providing the Dean of the Graduate School with recommendations concerning curriculum, relevant academic policies, and communicating graduate curriculum changes throughout the university. The Graduate School will appoint representatives from among the graduate faculty.

Professional Graduate Programs Subcommittee
Dr. Sandy Bennett Asst. Vice Provost for Graduate Professional Education
ex officio member
Dr. Sandi Cooper School of Education
Dr. Denny Kramer Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences
Dr. Linda Plank Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Dr. Tim Kayworth Hankamer School of Business
Dr. Christina Chan-Park Baylor Central Library
STEM Graduate Programs Subcommittee
Dr. Bill Hockaday Graduate School, ex officio member
Dr. Ian Gravagne School of Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Paul Hagelstein Department of Mathematics
Dr. Joseph Taube Department of Biology
Dr. Michael Trakselis Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Humanities Graduate Programs Subcommittee
Dr. Chris Rios Graduate School, ex officio member
Dr. Kristen Pond Department of English
Dr. Jann Cosart School of Music
Dr. Jim Nogalski Department of Religion
Dr. Baudelio Garza Department of Spanish
Social Sciences Graduate Programs Subcommittee
Dr. Sara Dolan Graduate School, ex officio member
Dr. Leslie Hahner Department of Communication
Dr. Michael Scullin Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Dr. Jeremy Uecker Department of Sociology
Dr. Ann Ward Department of Political Science

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