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BCU Scholars

The BCU Scholars program strengthens ties among IABCU member schools, mentors developing scholars with Baptist academic roots, builds Baptist academic networks for graduate students, and connects Baptist Colleges and Universities seeking future faculty well-grounded in the Baptist academic world with bright Baptist-educated doctoral students.

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The Baptist Scholars International Roundtable

Formerly known as Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy, the BSIR promotes scholarship from Baptist perspectives across the ages and around the globe by facilitating a scholarly forum for exchange of ideas. This community is international, intergenerational, interdisciplinary, and invites a diversity of Baptist affiliations. At the heart of the Roundtable is formation for academic stewardship in which a newer generation is welcomed into an international Baptist Academy and formed to preserve and sustain both academic and faith communities. At annual meetings, hosted at Regents Park College, Oxford England, senior scholars (BSIR Fellows) and a Visiting Fellow engage with the developing ideas of doctoral students, early –career and mid-career faculty (BSIR Scholars) presenting papers selected through a competitive process.

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Conyers Scholars

The Conyers Graduate Scholars Program is an intensive program for Baylor doctoral students sponsored by the Graduate School and the Institute for Faith and Learning. It encourages and supports doctoral students who are interested in questions regarding faith, learning, vocation, and the university.

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GPS Workshops: Grad Pathways for Success

The Graduate School offers several free, interrelated workshops each academic year designed to help students in all fields succeed throughout their academic journey at Baylor and even beyond graduation. The workshops are branded as GPS Workshops: Grad Pathways for Success under the auspices of the Baylor University Graduate School. Graduate students can participate in both in-person and online workshops.

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The Ramm Graduate Scholars Program is a cross-disciplinary program for doctoral STEM students and M.Div. students sponsored by the Graduate School and Truett Theological Seminary. It encourages and supports students who are interested in the engagement between Christianity and science.

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The Academy for Teaching & Learning, in collaboration with the Baylor University Graduate School, offers the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education (TeaCHE) for students wishing to teach in higher education upon graduating with a Master’s or doctoral degree. With an increasingly tight and competitive job market, this capstone is intended to enhance your readiness to teach in a higher education environment and, thereby, increase your marketability on the job market. Your transcript will reflect successful completion of the program.

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