Teacher of Record Information

Graduate students throughout programs at Baylor University, both at the master's and doctoral level, have the opportunity to teach undergraduate classes. Evidence shows that this is beneficial to graduate students, preparing them for future jobs in the academy--possibly even speeding their time to degree while reducing their waiting time on the job market. The Baylor University Graduate School works hard to support graduate student TORs.

As a new TOR

1) You will be required to take Teacher of Record Training (TORT):  All Teachers-of-Record at Baylor University must receive training appropriate to their role. This training is primarily focused on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and related concerns. The Graduate School, in partnership with the office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, offers an online training session each semester that all first-time Teachers of Record (TORs) are required to complete. The Graduate School will monitor student participation and alert GPDs of non-compliant students. 

2) You will be required to take Title IX training:  All Teachers-of-Record at Baylor University must complete Civil Rights and Title IX Training. The Graduate School sends a list of all TORs to the Equity Office, which will give you access to a Box folder containing a Powerpoint file.  You will need to download the presentation in order to view the videos in the Powerpoint.  Please direct any questions to Title_IX@baylor.edu.

3) You will be required to pass a Background Check.  All first-time Teachers of Record must clear a background check.  Human Resources will email each first-time TOR in regard to completing a background check through the HireRight company. Please know this email is legitimate and follow the instructions that come from Human Resources and HireRight. The background check is mandatory.   

4) Your department should provide specific pedagogical training as well as assign a mentor.  Consult your Graduate Program Director for details.

Professional Development
  • Please take advantage of the many workshops and resources of the Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL).  The Graduate School partners with the ATL to offer the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education (TeaCHE). This capstone, which is listed on transcripts, is intended to enhance readiness to teach in a higher education environment and provide distinction on the job market.

  • Watch for email announcements from the Graduate School about QPR (suicide prevention) Workshops coordinated by the Counseling Center specifically for graduate student TORs.  

  • Encourage your students to complete end-of-semester teaching evaluations.  These can be reviewed with your teaching mentor for insight as well as interpretation.  The Graduate School nominates graduate student TORs for the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award based on evaluation averages as compared to faculty.
  • Teacher of Record Parking permit: 

    • Baylor Parking Services allots a limited number of permits for graduate students working as a Teacher of Record.  These permits cost $365 and allow you to park in spaces dedicated to Faculty/Staff (F/E spaces).  Please contact Laura_Sepanski@baylor.edu with any questions regarding this permit.
    • You can also purchase from any of the parking permits available to all students

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