Preliminary Technical Review

In order to stay on task, the preliminary review should take place at least two weeks prior to the defense. Reviews are conducted by Mrs. Sandra Harman, the Dissertation and Thesis Coordinator, or her graduate assistant, in the office of the Associate Dean.

Before you schedule a preliminary technical review, please be sure you have read the Guidelines carefully and have formatted every section of your document according to the specifications.

To schedule a review:

  1. Send a request via email to listing several possible times you are available.
  2. Submit the following at
  • A PDF of your entire document as your primary document and a Word document as a supplementary document (LaTex students should submit only a PDF document).
  • The Copyright and Availability form. The electronic system requires you to submit this form. if you have not completed the form, you can submit a blank Copyright and Availability form, but you will need to update this submission later with the completed form.
  • A filled signature page (PDF) as a supplementary document. Do not attempt to insert the signature page into Word or the PDF of your dissertation/thesis at this stage.
  • Doctoral students should also turn in the completed Doctoral Investment Form

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