Outstanding Dissertation Award Recipients

This award is given to Baylor doctoral candidates who exhibit exceptional scholarship, research, and writing. They were chosen from a group of nominees recognized by their departments for the outstanding quality of their work, and then the final award recipients were selected by a committee of graduate program directors.


2019-2020 Outstanding Dissertation Award Recipients

Outstanding Dissertation Alexander

 Dr. Rachel Alexander, PhD Political Science, Baylor University

 Dissertation: "Philosophical Foundations for Political Change: Aristotle's Inquiry into Beginnings in the Nicomachean Ethics"

 Dissertation Mentor: Mary Nichols, PhD

 Postdoctoral Fellowship:  Princeton University




Outstanding Dissertation Yruegas

 Dr. Sam Yruegas, PhD Chemistry, Baylor University 

 Dissertation:  "Generating Conjugated Boron Heterocycles from Boroles"

 Dissertation Mentor:  Caleb D. Martin PhD 

 Postdoctoral Fellowship:  Princeton University




Outstanding Dissertation Wilkinson Dr. Renae Wilkinson, PhD Sociology, Baylor University

Dissertation: "The Long Arm of Childhood Bereavement: Parental Death and Pathways to Adult Health and Educational Inequalities"

Dissertation Mentors: Matthew A. Andersson, PhD, and Lindsay Wilkinson, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Harvard University





2018-2019 Recipients

Kenneth Vaughan, Department of Sociology

Michael Rawl, Department of English

Logan Wiest, Department of Geosciences

2017-2018 Recipients
  • Alireza Abdolvahabi, Department of Chemistry
  • Laurie Giddens, Department of Information Systems
  • Scott Ryan, Department of Religion
2016-2017 Recipients
  • Ahmad Borzou, Department of Physics
  • Brendan Payne, Department of History
  • Robert A. Thompson, Department of Sociology
2015-2016 Recipients
  • Puzant Balozian, Department of Information Systems
  • Sarah Martindale, Department of Psychology/Neuroscience
  • Stephen Sims, Department of Political Science
2014-2015 Recipients
  • Logan Gage, Department of Philosophy
  • Brandon Martinez, Department of Sociology
  • VH Satheeshkumar, Department of Physics
2013-2014 Recipients
  • Mary Mathie, Department of Political Science
  • Douglas Moore, Department of Physics

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