Previous Award Winners

This award is given to Baylor doctoral candidates who exhibit exceptional scholarship, research, and writing. They were chosen from a group of nominees recognized by their departments for the outstanding quality of their work. The winners were selected by a committee of graduate program directors.

2019 Winners

Kenneth Vaughan, Sociology

Michael Rawl, English

Logan Wiest, Geosciences

2015-2016 Winners

Puzant Balozian, Department of Information Systems,
"The Downsides of Information Systems Security (ISec) Policy Compliance Efforts"
- Dr. Dorothy Leidner, Mentor

Sarah Martindale, Department of Pyschology/Neuroscience,
"The Neuropsychology of Co-Occurring Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Substance Use Disorders in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans"
- Dr. Sara L Dolan, Mentor

Stephen Sims, Department of Political Science,
"Justice, Prudence, and Foreign Relations in Aristotle’s Political Thought"
- Dr. Mary P. Nichols & Dr. David Clinton, Mentors

Dr. Dorothy Leidner, Provost Todd Still, Puzant Balozian

Provost Todd Still, Dr. David Clinton, Dr. Mary Nichols, Stephen Sims

2015-2016 Nominees
  • Erin Dixon, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Todd Ferguson, Department of Sociology
  • James Gorman, Department of Religion
  • Blake McAllister, Department of Philosophy
  • Raziyeh Yousefi, Department of Physics
2014-2015 Winners

Logan Gage, Department of Philosophy,
"Objectivity and Subjectivity in Epistemology: A Defense of the Phenomenal Conception of Evidence"
- Dr. Trent Dougherty, Advisor

Brandon Martinez, Department of Sociology,
"The Intersection of Race and Religion in the United States"
- Dr. Jerry Z Park, Advisor

VH Satheeshkumar, Department of Physics,
"Aspects of Black Holes in Gravitational Theories with Broken Lorentz and Diffeomorphism Symmetries"
- Dr. Anzhong Wang, Advisor

2014-2015 Nominees
  • Amy Corp, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Logan Gage, Department of Philosophy
  • Jesse Hoover, Department of Religion
  • Brandon Martinez, Department of Sociology
  • VH Satheeshkumar, Department of Physics
  • Tonya Trepinski, Department of Educational Psychology
2013-2014 Winners

Mary Mathie, Department of Political Science,
"Aquinas on Justice, Judgment, and the Unity of Peace"
- Dr. Mary Nichols, Advisor

Douglas Moore, Department of Physics,
"The Landscape of Free Fermionic Gauge Models"
- Dr. Gerald Cleaver, Advisor

Dissertation Award Winners 2013-14
Dr. Greg Benesh, Douglas Moore, Provost Elizabeth Davis, Mary Mathie, Dr. Mary Nichols
2013-2014 Nominees
  • William Fisher, Department of Psychology
  • Martin Husemann, Department of Biology
  • Laurel Littlefield, Department of Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition, and Health Promotion
  • Jessica Meehan, School of Education
  • Hallie Meighan, Department of Geology
  • Mashan Miladi, Department of Chemistry
  • Gregory Poore, Department of Philosophy
  • Lynn Wisely, Department of Educational Psychology

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