Career Exploration

The Baylor Graduate School strives to make sure graduate students are fully equipped for facing the job market and making a successful transition to future careers.

The Early Years

Begin drafting a CV or resume

Attend Grad Pathways to Success (GPS) Early Career Workshops

STEM students explore field-specific professional development workshops offered by the Graduate School

Explore the Career Exploration Resources available through the Graduate School, such as Imagine Ph.D..

The Middle Years

Attend Middle Career GPS Workshops

Attend the Biennial (even years) Women in the Academy (WITA) Conference

Pursue leadership roles in disciplinary and graduate student groups on and off campus

Attend Career Services Preparing to Start the Job Search for Humanities or STEM workshops

Final Years

Attend Late Career GPS Workshops

Participate in GPS: Mock Interviews

Attend Career Services Turning Your CV into a Resume Workshops

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