Dissertation/Thesis Flowchart

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1. Before you Begin Writing
Before You Begin Writing

2. Preliminary Review
Preliminary Review

  • Schedule a review: Email dissertation_thesis@baylor.edu with available times for appointment
  • Submit the following at https://baylor-etd.tdl.org 
    • The pdf (primary) and Word (administrative file) of the dissertation/thesis
    • Completed Signature Form (pdf) as a supplementary document
  • At the Review Submit:
    • Preliminary Checklist
    • Doctoral Investment Form
    • Signed Copyright and Availability form
3. Oral Exam
Oral Exam

  • Department submits announcement of oral examination 10 days prior
  • Obtain signatures at exam:
  • On the Signature Page
  • On Result of Oral Exam Form
  • Submit Result of oral exam form to Graduate School
4. Final Review
Final Review

  • After successful defense submit: 
    • Approval of final dissertation/thesis copy form and final checklist (hardcopy)
  • Submit a pdf/a at https://baylor-etd.tdl.org
    • Signed Signature Page (electronic)
    • Signed Copyright and Availability Forms (electronic)
    • Dissertation or Thesis (electronic only)
5. Electronic Submission
Electronic Submission

  • After Graduate School Approval:
    • Doctoral Students submit dissertation to UMI website (optional for Master's students)
    • Doctoral Students Complete Survey of Earned Doctorates at end of semester when requested

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