Dissertation & Thesis Resources

Congratulations on nearing the end of your degree program!

All of the information you will need to prepare your dissertation or thesis for submission to the Graduate School can be found through the links provided on this site. Also, be sure to attend one of the Formatting Workshops (see below) offered each fall and spring semester.

If you have questions after reviewing these documents, please contact Sandra Harman in the Graduate School office.

Helpful Links

Step by Step Flow Chart
 forms and downloads
Guidelines and resources
Formatting Workshops
Preliminary technical review
Dissertation Awards

Why Formatting?

All dissertations and theses are archived digitally in BearDocs and may be made available internationally via ProQuest Dissertation Services. Baylor dissertations are requested roughly 21 times a month through this service. (You have the option to restrict access to your work, if desired.) The quality of these works reflects the standards of Baylor University, the Graduate School, your department or institute, and the professors who work with you on this project. The responsibility for both the content and format of your dissertation/thesis rests solely with you and your advisory committee. The Graduate School is here to assist you in doing the job effectively and efficiently.

Note: The Guidelines are reviewed each semester and may be revised. Be sure you are working with the current version.


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