Benefits for TA1s and RA1s

Graduate students who serve as teachers of record (TA1s) or externally funded researchers (RA1s) may be eligible for additional benefits.

Do I Qualify?

In order to qualify for any of these benefits and subsidies, graduate students must meet one of the following criteria:

TA1s (Teachers of Record): Graduate students must work as the "teacher of record" for at least 6 credit hours during a 12 month period.

RA1s (Grant Funded Researchers): Graduate students must serve as research assistants and receive external funds/grants that cover all but $200 of their annual health insurance premium.

Generally, students who qualify as a TA1/RA1 will be informed by their departments. If you have additional questions about whether or not you qualify, please contact your graduate program director


Student Parking Permit Benefit

Parking Services has one parking permit option for qualified graduate students. The Graduate School will pay $225 towards your parking permit.


  • Teachers of Record (TA1s) teaching six credit hours over a twelve-month period and externally-funded research assistants (RA1s) will qualify for this benefit. Qualifying students will order a student parking permit online, and the student's account will be automatically billed for the reduced cost of the permit. If you do not see the discounted options, that means (1) you have already purchased a parking permit, or (2) you are not on the list of qualifying students. Feel free to call Parking Services at 254-710-7275 to verify your status in their system.
  • Permits are virtual and are connected to your license plate number. There is no physical permit to pick up or display after the online order.
  • Meal Credits Benefit

    This benefit provides five free meals each Fall and Spring semester, valid only at the University's residential dining facilities: Brooks, Collins, Memorial, Penland, and the new East Village Dining Commons.

    • This benefit is for Teachers of Record (TA1s) teaching three credit hours a semester.
    • Residential dining benefits are intended to encourage TORs to interact with their students outside of the classroom. Please note that these credits allow you, the graduate student, to eat for free while dining with your students. They cannot be used to purchase meals for others. For information about opening hours and menus, please visit: Residential Dining.


    • Qualifying TORs will receive a notice to pick up their meal cards after the 12th class day.
    • This benefit is only available during the Fall and Spring semesters. A new meal card will be issued each semester.

    Questions or difficulties in acquiring these benefits should be addressed to Alanna D. Martinez, Assistant for Graduate Studies and Professional Development, Graduate School (254) 710-4487.

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