Graduate Student Health Insurance

Insurance Eligibility

Baylor University requires Health Insurance for degree-seeking domestic graduate students under the purview of the Graduate School (excluding all Truett except PhD in Preaching, Law Students, dual degree students in Truett and the Law School, and non-degree seeking students) enrolled in 3 or more credit hours, including DPT, online graduate students, and/or those enrolled in at least one hour of a full-time equivalency course. To assist students to meet this requirement, Academic HealthPlans has been selected to administer the Student Health Insurance Plan underwritten by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. Students will be required to enroll in this plan or waive out of it by demonstrating comparable health insurance coverage through AHP. 

  • The AHP website can be found here:, however, students should NOT ACCESS the website until after receiving an email invitation from AHP.

  • Students should check their email settings to make sure communication from AHP does not end up in Clutter or Junk files. 

Insurance Billing and Waivers

Domestic Student Health Insurance charges for the Baylor Student Health Insurance Plan (through Blue Cross/Blue Shield) will be applied to the student accounts through Baylor after a student registers for classes for the upcoming semester. Students are responsible for paying these charges through their Baylor student account. 

  • If a student enrolls dependents or adds voluntary dental coverage, those charges will also be added to the Baylor student account. Students may pay these charges through the payment plan in the same way as tuition and fees. 
  • If a student waives Baylor Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through the AHP portal, they will see the charge for the Baylor SHIP subtracted from their student account in Bearweb (although this process is not instantaneous).
  • If a student has submitted a waiver but not seen the charge removed from their student account, the student should check their email for requests for additional information from AHP. When the waiver is approved, the student will receive an email from AHP clearly stating the waiver is approved. Until receipt of that email, students are still responsible for the insurance charge. Please remain attentive to communications from AHP and submit additional materials as requested. 
  • In order for students to qualify for a waiver through AHP, they must have active insurance by August 1 for the Fall waiver and January 1 for the Spring waiver
  • If a student has the waiver denied, they may appeal through the Baylor Graduate Student Appeals committee. Please send an email to with the subject line Appeal Waiver and a reasonable justification for the appeal. 
  • If a student qualifies for the Baylor SHIP subsidy, they will see the subsidy subtracted from their individual premium of the Baylor SHIP insurance charge on their student account in Bearweb. Subsidized students are responsible only for the remaining portion of their individual premium (although they will see the total premium amount on the AHP site as well as listed on their Baylor student account). Only students notified in their admission letters of their eligibility for the subsidy will receive the subsidy. 
Insurance Enrollment

Domestic graduate students, after registering for coursework for the upcoming semester, will receive an email during the open enrollment period by Academic HealthPlans (AHP) which manages Baylor's student insurance. The email will alert students that the AHP portal is open for enrolling in Baylor’s student insurance plan or demonstrating proof of insurance coverage. Graduate students who enroll in Baylor’s student insurance plan will have elective coverage options also, including for dependents.

Students must enroll during open enrollment periods each semester. Click here for open enrollment dates.

Early Fall

06/15/20 - 09/09/20

Fall--Primary Enrollment Period

07/01/20 - 09/09/20


11/30/20 - 02/15/21

Students who enrolled in Fall 2020 must enroll again for Spring/Summer 2021.

  • Starting July 1, 2021:  current students will only enroll once a year during the primary enrollment period of July-September. New students in their first year will enroll the semester they begin classes as well as the July-September enrollment period. After that point, they will only enroll once a year during the primary enrollment period. 

  • Graduate students will be alerted by AHP when the insurance portal is open and after they have registered for coursework. All registration for insurance, as well as questions about insurance benefits etc., should be directed to AHP.

  • Graduate students will not receive the enrollment/waive email from AHP until AFTER they have registered for courses and their registration has been relayed from Baylor to AHP (through the eligible to waive file). This process is not instantaneous, so students should register for classes in a timely manner so that they have the time needed to enroll or waive in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

What if I have questions about my coverage?

Most questions can be answered on the AHP website, under the Benefits tab: For general questions, students can also email However, AHP is the right place for questions about enrollment, waiver, and coverage. 

How do I know if I am eligible for an insurance subsidy?

Graduate students who meet the definition of a Graduate Assistant will receive an insurance subsidy. Graduate students are notified in their admission letter if they receive the subsidy as a Graduate Assistant. Please note that a Graduate Assistant is not simply a student who works for a stipend through the university. It is the designation given when students are admitted to a program. 

What if I am an international student?

International graduate students are required to maintain insurance coverage through Baylor’s student health insurance plan. International students will be automatically enrolled in SHIP. International graduate students who are identified as a Graduate Assistant in their departmental offer letter and notified at that time will receive an insurance subsidy. If an International graduate student would like to add additional coverage (dental, dependents, etc.) or have not received the subsidy as noted in their offer letter, they should contact Betty Fornelius. Otherwise, the health insurance enrollment process will be automatic for our international students. 

Costs and Benefits for Subsidized Students

The Graduate School subsidy for qualifying students (see above How do I know if I am eligible for an insurance subsidy?) covers 80% of the individual premium for the Baylor Student Health Insurance Plan. Health coverage is subsidized for 12 months and is renewable as long as the student qualifies. However, students must enroll through the AHP insurance portal to maintain coverage.

  • All students required to maintain health care coverage will see the full charge for an individual student premium appear on their Baylor student account after registering for classes. Subsidized students will see the subsidy amount subtracted from the total individual student premium cost. Subsidized students are responsible only for the remaining portion. 
Unsubsidized Annual Student Costs for 2020-21 (including Fall, Spring, and Summer)
Graduate Student Only  $3,248
Graduate Student + Spouse  $6,497.24
Graduate Student + Spouse + 1 Child $9,745.86
Graduate Student + Spouse + Multiple Children  $12,994.48
Graduate Student + 1 Child  $6,497.24
Graduate Student + Multiple Children  $9,745.86
Subsidized Student Costs for 2020-21 (including Fall, Spring, and Summer)
Graduate Student Only $649.60
Graduate Student + Spouse $3,898.34
Graduate Student + Spouse + 1 Child $8,446.40
Graduate Student + Spouse + Multiple Children $10,395.58
Graduate Student + 1 Child $3,898.34
Graduate Student + Multiple Children $8,446.40
Unsubsidized Costs for Select Terms
Fall 2020 Graduate Student Only $1,362
Spring 2021 Graduate Student Only $1,193
Summer 2021 Graduate Student Only $694
Spring and Summer 2021 Graduate Student only $1,886

Subsidized Costs for Select Terms
Fall 2020 Graduate Student Only $272.40
Spring 2021 Graduate Student Only $238.60
Summer 2021 Graduate Student Only $138.80
Spring and Summer 2021 Graduate Student only  $377.20

For questions about the AHP website or enrollment difficulties, contact AHP here or here.

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