Graduate Student Health Insurance

Baylor University requires all degree-seeking students enrolled in the Graduate School and Garland School of Social Work (including online students) to maintain health insurance. Students must either enroll in Baylor’s Student Health Insurance Plan or waive Baylor’s insurance by providing proof of alternative coverage. Students who take no action will be automatically enrolled in Baylor’s plan.

Why does Baylor require students to have insurance?

The Hard Waiver Policy provides expanded coverage and reduced cost for students who need health insurance. It also allows domestic students to enroll online and have online access to their benefits and plan.

Who falls under this policy?

All degree-seeking graduate students, both domestic and international, who are enrolled in 3 or more credit-hours. This includes online graduate students and those enrolled in a full-time equivalency course. This policy does not apply to non-degree seeking students or those enrolled at Baylor’s Law School or Truett Seminary. 

How does it work?

  • All students will be charged for the student health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas upon registering for classes or at the beginning of the annual open enrollment period (whichever is later). Enrollment in the insurance plan will be pending further action from the student.
  • Students will then receive an email from Academic Health Plans (AHP) with instructions on how to activate or waive Baylor’s insurance.
  • Domestic students who wish to purchase Baylor’s plan should complete the enrollment process as soon as possible. Students are not covered by the plan until the enrollment process is complete.
  • Domestic students who have alternative health insurance may waive Baylor’s plan during the open enrollment period. The waiver process must be completed before the close of the open enrollment period. See the AHP website for dates.
  • Students who do not waive by the deadline will be automatically enrolled at the close of the enrollment period and will be responsible for the cost of the premium.
  • Continuing students will need to re-enroll or waive the insurance each year.
  • Per federal policy, international students will be automatically enrolled through Health Services at Baylor.

If you have questions about your subsidy status, please check your admissions letter.

Details about the plan, open enrollment period, and resources for help can be found through the AHP website.

For additional questions, contact the Baylor Health Service Insurance Claims Coordinator:

Lisa Bland
Phone: 254-710-1493


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