Graduate Student Health Insurance


Domestic graduate students who are enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours (at least three in the summmer) or one full-time equivilant course are eligible to purchase Baylor's Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who receive full tuition remission and a full stipend may be eligible for a Graduate School subsidy.

How do I know if I'm eligible for a subsidy?

Eligible students are notified by their Graduate Program Directors. If you are unsure whether you'll qualify, please check with your department.

What if I don't qualify for a subsidy?

Health insurance can be a major expense for any individual or family. Baylor’s Graduate School works tirelessly to offer affordable health insurance plans for graduate students, but if you would like more information about other health insurance plans, we encourage you to explore the Affordable Care Act website (for U.S. citizens only)

How to Enroll

Subsidized students must enroll for insurance in the Health Center's Insurance office 220, located on the second floor of the McLane Student Life Center during open enrollment periods.

Unsubsidized students may enroll online or in the insurance office.

When can I enroll?

Students must enroll during open enrollment periods. Click here for open enrollment dates.

What if I am not on campus?

Contact Betty Fornelius for instructions on how to complete enrollment by email or fax.

How can I confirm my enrollment?

Confirm that you have paid for the amount of insurance desired by checking your student account. Also confirm enrollment at Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Access by creating a free online account.

Will I be automatically re-enrolled?


Graduate students receiving Baylor’s graduate student health insurance subsidy are required to re-enroll in the Student Health Insurance plan with Health Services as applicable.

  • Students funded by their department will need to re-enroll once a year during open enrollment.
  • Externally funded RAs who wish to continue receiving the graduate student insurance subsidy and Baylor’s Health Insurance Plan must re-enroll each semester.

Note: If you are unsure about how your subsidy is funded, please check with your department.

Note: Students who indicate a December graduation on their enrollment form but postpone graduation until the spring will not be automatically re-enrolled in insurance for the spring semester. If eligible, students must contact their GPD, Alanna Martinez, and Betty Fornelius to extend their insurance coverage.

Costs and Benefits for Subsidized Students

The Graduate School's subsidy covers 80% of the individual premium for Baylor's Student Health Insurance Plan. Health coverage is subsidized for 12 months and is renewable annually as long as the student qualifies.

Note: Subsidies will be applied to the premium and any remaining balance will be billed to the student's University account.

Subsidized Student Costs for 2019-20



Aug 1- Jul 31


Aug 1- Dec 31


Jan 1- Jul 31


May 15- Jul 31

Graduate Student Only $682.20 $285.20 $397.00 $145.40
Graduate Student + Spouse $4,093.20 $1,711.20 $2,382.00 $872.40
Graduate Student + Spouse + 1 Child $7,504.20 $3,137.20 $4,367.00 $1,599.40
Graduate Student + Spouse + Multiple Children $10,915.20 $4,563.20 $6,352.00 $2,326.40
Graduate Student + 1 Child $4,093.20 $1,711.20 $2,382.00 $872.40
Graduate Student + Multiple Children $7,504.20 $3,137.20 $4,367.00 $1,599.40

For general questions, contact Alanna D Martinez, Assistant for Graduate Studies and Professional Development, Graduate School (254)710-4487.

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