Apply for Doctoral Research Support


The applicant must be

  1. A doctoral candidate (proposal and/or prospectus must be formally approved by the department);
  2. Registered for at least one credit hour at Baylor University during the term of travel. This applies to summer travel.

The Graduate School will match funds with the student's department, up to $400. A doctoral student is eligible for one such award during their doctoral studies at Baylor University.

Note: Travel must be directly related to the completion of the dissertation.

Instructions for Students

To Apply:

  1. At least four weeks prior to travel, email to a letter that contains student personal contact information, as well as departmental/program affiliation, the need for travel described and justified, and an estimate of expenses to be incurred in the proposed travel.
  2. Attach a copy of the approved dissertation proposal
  3. Provide a brief statement of support from your major professor. This should be emailed directly to by the professor.
  4. Provide confirmation from the departmental Graduate Program Director (GPD) confirming matching funds. An email is sufficient.

Note: Funds will be direct deposited into the student's bank account after the application has been processed.

Upon Return:

Prepare a brief report of the meeting to Please give a brief overview of your research and describe the impact and benefit to your dissertation research.

Baylor's Tax & Compliance Office has determined that travel grants which are provided to students in order to further their educational research endeavors are classified as fellowships. Such a fellowship is reportable by the students as taxable income.

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