Student Intellectual Community Enhancement Money

The SIC’EM grant is an opportunity for graduate students to secure funding for student-initiated events that promote academic and intellectual community outside of the classroom. SIC’EM-funded projects help create a vibrant intellectual community at Baylor and provide a means for informal discussion and presentation of academic work.

Application Process

  1. Find an organization or academic department(s) willing to fund 1/3 of your event.
    • If two or more departments or organizations agree to jointly sponsor your project, any combinations of their contributions must equal 1/3 of the total funds for the project to receive a 2/3 match from the Graduate School’s SIC’EM grant
  2. Fill out the SIC’EM application in its entirety.
  3. Register your event with the proper offices and departments, and make the necessary arrangements for a successful production. Make sure you read the university policies relevant to your event.
  4. Submit the completed application to the SIC’EM Alanna Martinez (via email) for committee review at least 1 month prior to the proposed event. (NOTE: The Sic'em Committee convenes to approve grants every other week during the academic year, September-April)
  5. The SIC’EM Proposal Selection Committee will review the application and will respond with one of three responses: approval, approval with edits, or denial
  6. Following approval, the grant funds will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis. Following your event please turn in all your receipts via the Baylor electronic reimbursement form.


SIC’EM Grant Proposal Application

SIC’EM Event/Program Attendance Sheet

University Events Policies, Regulations, & Procedures

SIC'EM Frequently Asked Questions

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