Benefits & Financial Support

The Graduate School offers a variety of benefits to support students during their time at Baylor.

Tuition & Stipends

Nearly all incoming Ph.D. students receive full tuition remission, a multi-year research or teaching assistantship, and an 80% subsidy for student health insurance. Stipend levels are highly competitive, and with Waco’s low cost of living, roughly two-thirds of Ph.D. graduates accrue no student loan debt during their doctoral program.

Masters programs offer varying levels of support, ranging from a partial tuition waiver to full tuition remission with a stipend. Please contact your program of interest for details. Professional programs typically do not provide funding support.

Health & Wellness

Health Insurance

Domestic graduate students who are enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours (at least three in the summmer) or one full-time equivilant course are eligible to purchase Baylor's Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who receive full tuition remission and a full stipend may be eligible for a Graduate School subsidy. Learn more

Childbirth/Adoption Accommodations

In recognition of the challenges of balancing the demands of graduate study and parenting a new child, this policy aims to improve the environment for student-parents by addressing the conflicts and issues that may arise as the two goals of advanced education and parenthood intersect. Learn more

Short-Term Leave Accomodation

Graduate students suffering from a serious medical condition may apply for short-term medical leave from their academic and assistantship responsibilities. Learn more

Baylor Funding Opportunities

In addition to the benefits above, Baylor has a number of funding opportunities aimed at supporting the research and professional development of graduate students. Learn more

Additional Benefits

Parking and Meal benefits for TA1s and RA1s

Graduate students who serve as teachers of record (TA1s) or externally funded researchers (RA1s) may be eligible for additional benefits. Learn more

Financial Aid & Determining Cost

Many graduate students also receive other resources for funding their education at Baylor University. Examples of such sources include work study programs, Stafford loans, private scholarships and private loans. For information on such sources, please contact the Office of Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid.

To learn more about funding opportunities available in your department, contact your graduate program director.

For the most up-to-date information on tuition and fees, see Tuition & Fees on the Baylor University Student Financial Services page. The Cost of Attendance link will give you estimates that include housing, dining plans, and other personal expenses.

External Funding

Organizations outside of the Baylor University community offer scholarships and fellowships.  Your program may be able to point you to such opportunities.  Click here for scholarship information sent to The Graduate School.

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