Entry Level OTD Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

For a student to graduate from the entry-level Army-Baylor OTD program, the student must be in good academic standing, have had satisfactory progress in all semesters of the academic program, and satisfactorily completed the following:

  1. The required 120 semester credit hours.
  2. Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better across all academic courses.
  3. Exhibit professional behaviors as described in the Professional Behaviors, AOTA Core Values, and the Code of Ethics for the Occupational Therapist.
  4. A minimum of 24 weeks of supervised Level II Fieldwork and a minimum 14-week Doctoral Capstone Experience.
  5. All Level II Fieldwork and the Doctoral Capstone within 12 months of completing the didactic portion of the program.
  6. All required Baylor University and Army-Baylor OTD Program documents in preparation for graduation.
  7. Satisfied all professional and financial obligations to Baylor University, as published in the Baylor University and Army-Baylor OTD Program Manual, and as specified in any written communications from the University’s administrators.