DScOT Curriculum

The 77 week course is a didactic and residency blended, degree producing program with didactics at both the AMEDDC&S and BAMC and residency hours at Brooke Army Medical Center. Includes in-depth behavior health, warrior rehabilitation, research and advanced practice. The program provides students with advanced clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice skills. This program includes an evidence-based research project that once completed, will be submitted to a peer reviewed journal, and nationally recognized conference for publication.

DScOT Curriculum Areas of Concentration CREDITS
Evaluation & Intervention: Behavioral Health 3
Behavioral Health Residency 2
Combat and Operational Stress Control 3
Combat and Operational Stress Control Residency 1
Behavioral Health Conditions Residency 4
Evaluation and Intervention: PTSD & Polytrauma 2
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Polytrauma Residency 2
Occupation Centered Intervention & Cultural Awareness 2
Occupation Centered Intervention & Cultural Awareness Residency 2
Evaluation & Intervention: Burn & Trauma Rehabilitation 3
Burn & Trauma Residency 1
Evaluation & Treatment of Upper Extremity Conditions 3
Upper Extremity Conditions Residency 2
Evaluation & Intervention: Ergonomics 3
Essentials of Evidence-Based Practice and Clinical Research 3
Qualitative Methods 3
Quantitative Methods I 3
Quantitative Methods II 3
Critical Research Appraisal 2
Field Research in OT 3
Advanced Professional Paper Project 3
Aspects of Pharmacology, Complementary and Alternative
Medicine, and Nutrition in OT
Differential Diagnosis in Occupational Therapy 3
Clinical Management in Army Occupational Therapy 1
Advanced Hand Surgery Outcomes for OTs 2