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Program Completion

After you have completed the requirements specified in categories 1-5, you are ready to assemble a packet to submit to the Graduate School for review. The program completion packet includes the following items:
  • Submission Checklist
  • Capstone Essay
  • Documentation

Submission Checklist

The checklist presents a personalized summary of the various paths through the certification program. On it, you will record the options you took and provide a guide to the Graduate School reviewer of your path to completion.

Many of the various activities required in successful completion of the certification program include documentation. For those activities without a documentation requirement, the submission checklist records the necessary verification information. For example, the date upon which you attended the Teacher of Record Orientation (Category 2) will be used for validation with electronic attendance records.

Capstone Essay

The essay should be 5-10 pages, double-spaced, and adhere to the appropriate style requirements of your discipline of study.

In the essay, you should reflect upon your participation in the capstone program. What elements were most significant to you? What would you change about your participation? What would you change about the program? The aim of this requirement is two-fold: to provide a framework for your own continued development as an educator, and to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education program.


The various categories of activities in the certification program carry different requirements for documentation. These various forms of documentation should be grouped by category at this point in the completion packet.

Category 1 and Category 2
  • You provide basic information on the Submission Checklist. The Graduate School validates this information.
  • You will only need to provide additional documentation upon special request from the Graduate School.
Category 3: Teaching Documents
  • Append your statement of teaching philosophy and its accompanying Peer Review Form.
  • Append your two syllabi, each followed by its associated Peer Review Form.
Category 4: Observations
  • Append a Classroom Observation Reflection for your observation of a faculty member.
  • Append a Classroom Observation Evaluation for the observation conducted of you. Also append any report, notes or other documentation associated with the consultation and feedback after the observation.
  • Finally, append a second Classroom Observation Reflection to document your own reflection on the feedback you received after being observed.
Category 5: Self-Directed Study
  • For each option selected in the Self-Directed Study Options List provide an Activity Tracking Form.
  • Depending on the type of activity as detailed under Category 5, you may be required to provide additional documentation.
Submission and Review

Once assembled, submit a hard copy of the packet to the Graduate School's Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Development for review (Morrison Hall 200.11). Please note, we cannot make any exceptions to the due date, so please plan accordingly. Upon successful review, you will be notified via email. Participants who successfully complete the certification program will receive a Teaching Capstone in Higher Education and the accomplishment will be recorded on their Baylor transcript.