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Teaching Capstone in Higher Education

Category 3: Teaching Documents
Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Teaching philosophy statements are increasing used in academic job searches and professional advancement, but before a statement of teaching philosophy can communicate your approach to teaching and learning to an employer, it is a tool of self-reflection. A statement of teaching philosophy concisely (1-2 pages) articulates your approach to teaching. It addresses both your values and beliefs about teaching and elements such as your style, methods and expertise.

For category 3, compose a statement of teaching philosophy and work with a colleague of your choosing to peer-review your statement. Your colleague should complete a Peer Review Form (available in the TeaCHE Forms area) and meet with you to provide feedback on your statement of teaching philosophy. Your statement of teaching philosophy and your colleague's peer-review form will be included in your final packet submission for the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education.


You will also submit in your final packet two peer-reviewed syllabi and their corresponding Peer Review Forms completed by a colleague. As with the teaching philosophy, the peer-review process includes a meeting to receive feedback. The syllabi should be for two different courses, and each syllabus should contain the following components.

  • Goals and objectives
  • Required texts
  • Classroom policies
  • Course requirements and assignments
  • Grading scale
  • Semester course schedule (at least by week)
Peer Review
  • You are not required to use the same peer reviewer on all three of the documents in this category. You may use a different peer for each document.
  • Peer review does not have to be reciprocal. You are not required to serve as a peer reviewer for the person who served as peer reviewer for you. In fact, your reviewer may not be a participant in the capstone program (yet). Peer review can be conducted by any fellow graduate student that you believe can do a good job helping you with these documents.
  • Because peer review can be beneficial to the reviewer as well as the participant, points are available in category 5 (Self-Directed Study) for TeaCHE participants that serve as peer reviewers.

"For me the teaching philosophy is where it all came together. It was in the process of writing my teaching philosophy that I consciously realized how much I enjoy teaching, how passionate I am about students learning and that I would enjoy doing this as a career after graduation."

"The opportunity to write a statement of teaching philosophy was one of the most difficult and thought-provoking exercises of the TeaCHE certificate, but I also enjoyed it the most."

"The peer review experience of Category 3 (and Category 5 when I was the peer reviewer) was one of the best parts of the TeaCHE program, and it helped me consider practical ways to improve my teaching."