Teaching Capstone in Higher Education

The Baylor University Graduate School offers the following Teaching Capstone in Higher Education (TeaCHE) for students wishing to teach in higher education upon graduating with a masters or doctoral degree. With an increasingly tight and competitive job market, this capstone is intended to enhance your readiness to teach in a higher education environment and, thereby, increase your marketability on the job venue.

The Program

The Teaching Capstone in Higher Education program consists of five categories of tasks. Each category carries its own requirements and all five must be completed successfully to receive a Teaching Capstone in Higher Education. Upon completion of all five categories, you will compose a 5-10 page reflective essay and submit it along with all other relevant materials in packet form to the Graduate School. You sign up for the program at the beginning of the fall semester and must complete the program by the end of the spring semester in the same academic year. Upon successful review of your materials you will be awarded a Teaching Capstone in Higher Education and your successful completion of the program will be recorded on your Baylor transcript. Click here to learn more about completing the program.

Getting Started

Signing up for the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education program is easy! Just complete the Intent to Participate form. The deadline to sign up for TeaCHE is four weeks after the first day of classes in the fall semester. You then have one academic year to complete the requirements, with the final packet due two weeks before the last day of classes in the spring semester. Certain activities, including Categories 1 and 2 and select components of the other Categories, may be fulfilled prior to entering the program, with the remaining activities completed during your participation in the program (see the FAQ for details).

  • "Classmates who are considering TeaCHE have asked me if it was worth the time and effort. My answer is, 'yes.' It has given me a chance and the resources to reflect on the philosophy of teaching and learning in a way I could not have done on my own." - James Gorman (Religion)

  • "What started out as just another line on the resume turned into a chance to learn and grow and be challenged by some of the greatest educators on Baylor's campus." - Andrea Woodard (Spanish)

  • "All the (TeaCHE) components worked in concert to significantly influence my professional trajectory by awakening an intellectual passion that I did not know I had but that I intend to follow." - Skyler Toney (Health, Human Performance & Recreation)

  • "I am glad I pursued this capstone and 'can I's?' changed into 'I can' and'I will." - Divya Tuteja (Executive MBA, Austin)

Questions? See our FAQ.