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The Graduate School offers free, interrelated workshops each academic year designed to provide professional development opportunities specifically for STEM students. These are branded as STEM Workshops under the auspices of the Baylor University Graduate School.

Spring 2018 Workshops

Writing Science in Plain English

January 22 (3-5pm) BSB-E.234

Scientists are notorious for writing unclearly, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The Graduate Writing Center has organized a workshop to improve your writing from word choice to active voice, paragraph structure, and even manuscript flow. In achieving clearer writing, your ideas become as engaging and exciting to the reader as they are to you - dissertations get accepted, publications get cited, and grants get funded. Workshop attendees will develop a toolbox of practical techniques that can be immediately applied to any type of science writing. The workshop provides instruction on these techniques, a variety of hands-on examples to work through, guidance on attendees' own writing, as well as take-home material to help continued use of the techniques after the workshop. What to bring: any piece of your own writing to work on (this will not be shared with the rest of the group but instead will be used for practice and getting feedback from the instructors).

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Ultimate Showdown: Academia vs. Government vs. Industry

with Dr. Elyssia Gallagher, Dr. Scott James, Mr. Brian Thomas

March 13 (3:30-5:30pm) BSB-E.234

Talk to professors who have been there and done it all. They did not take a straight path to academia, instead exploring many different career options before arriving here. Come learn about everyday responsibilities, compensation, career prospects and fulfillment for these professors in their past jobs.

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Jumping the Professorship

with Dr. Chris Rios

April 11 (5–6:30pm) BSB-D.405

Many STEM graduate students pursue careers outside of academia. Some never intended to become faculty, while others look to industry or government as a result of a tough academic job market or vocational change. The problem is that many students feel unsure how to learn about these options. This session will explore some of the varied career paths of Baylor alumni and introduce some of the online resources available to help you learn about opportunities outside of the academy. Our experienced Assistant Dean of the Graduate School - Dr. Chris Rios will introduce you to Versatile PhD, a database of case studies and advice from scientists who work outside of academia.

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