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Baylor's Present Your PhD Team Graduate students (left to right): Cansu Cetin, Ankan Choudhury, Dani Crain, and Keighley Reisenauer

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A graduate student organization with the vision to bring professional-level science into classrooms and the community.

Logo Design Credit: Vivian Young
About the Project

The Baylor "Present Your PhD" outreach student group is founded by a group of doctoral students in the Biology Department at Baylor University. We aim to develop new ways to make a difference in science education at the local level. Inspired by the parent program at University Texas Austin, "Present Your PhD" will be modeled similarly to bring professional-level science into classrooms and the community.

Participating doctoral students at Baylor University participate in this outreach program first by introducing the idea of graduate work and a thesis, then presenting an audience-appropriate version of their Ph.D. thesis in various venues including K-12 classrooms, libraries, museums, and senior living facilities.

The outcome is emerging scientists increasing their science communication skills by relating their discoveries with K-12 students and providing real-world examples that will complement science topics covered in a classroom.

Next Steps

If you are interested in hearing more and how to become a part of this organization (which looks GREAT on broader impacts in grants!) come to our Spring 2019 Recruitment Meeting Friday, January 25 in the BSB room E. 234 at 10:00 am.


Interested in getting involved in the organization and/or presenting your research? Send us an email!

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A Word of Thanks

We'd like to recognize and show our appreciation to UT for their support in helping us get started.

For more information on the original "Present Your PhD" group at UT Austin, visit their page here