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Quality Control Assistant

Graduate Assistantships Job Order Form
1. Date: 04/30/15
2. Position Title: Quality Control Assistant
3. Category: Document Imaging
4. Department Name: Office of the Registrar
5. Application Deadline:
6. Work Begins: Fall
7. Number of positions: 1>
8. Special Instructions: Must be enrolled in the Graduate School. If interested, please contact Brenda Khozein to set up an interview.
9. Hours Per Week Required: 20
10. Reports to: Brenda Khozein
11. Supervision Duties: None
12. Positon Description:
13. Essential Function:After paperwork is scanned into student' record, it is the responibility of this person to check to make sure paperwork is legible and in the correct student's folder.
14. Secondary Function: Assist customers at the front counter and answer phones when needed.
15. Minimum Education: Enrolled in Graduate School for the Fall 2015 semester.
16. Degree Area: No preference.
17. Minimum Experience:No experience needed.
18. Minimum Skills and Apitudes:
19. Desired Traits: Detail oriented, organized, and a team player.
20. Contact Name: Brenda Khozein
21. Contact Email:
22. Campus Address: 700 S Univeristy Parks Drive
23. Building Location: Clifton Robinson Tower
24. Room Number: 380
25. Phone: 254-710-1059