Open Assistantships & Fellowships

Baylor University has a limited number of Graduate Assistantships. These positions are advertised throughout the year on the Office of Student Employment website. If you are interested in a GA position, please see Job Listings, review each listing, and apply according to the instructions provided.



Doctoral Administrative Fellows


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program


American Australian Association Education Fellowshipapply Aug 30-Oct 15; acceptance at an Australian educational institution for full time study or research - STEM fields (biophotonics, sciences, marine sciences, mathematics, engineering, sustainability, technology, medicine); 1 year; $30,000-$40,000

American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship - deadline November 1 – graduate students (especially people working on dissertations) to pursue research in one or more Scandinavian country for up to one year; applicants must have some level of proficiency in language of host country; $5000-$23,000;

Anchor QEA Environmental Scholarshipdeadline November 16 – aids in graduate students conducting research in fields related to water resources, surface and groundwater qualify, coastal development, habitat restoration, and contaminated sediment management; Majoring in fisheries, environmental science, planning/land use, environmental engineering, etc.; $500-$5,000

Belgian American Educational Foundation Fellowship – deadline October 31 – open to Master’s and Ph.D. candidates to pursue research at a Belgian University for one year; all disciplines; $27,000 for graduate students; $31,000 for Post-Docs; 10 available; also provides health insurance

Boren Fellowship – deadline January 28, 2017 – aids U.S. graduate students to study language in a country critical to U.S. interests. Applicants should identify how their projects will contribute to national security (broadly defined); up to $30,000

Chateaubriand Fellowship – deadline mid January (will open for upcoming year in October); offered by embassy of France to doctoral students to conduct research in France for 4 to 9 months; available for both STEM and Humanities students; covers stipend, round trip ticket to France, and health insurance

Critical Language Scholarship for Intensive Summer Studies – deadline November 23 – scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in beginning, intermediate, and advanced level intensive summer language programs at American Overseas Research Centers; critical need languages – Azerbaijani, Bangla, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian; covers travel, visa fees, room, board, travel within country, entrance fees to all programs

De Karman Fellowship – deadline January 31, 2017 for 2017 school year – available for Ph.D. candidates who intend to defend their dissertation within a year of award; special consideration for humanities students; applicants should have outstanding letters of recommendation, significant publications, and have completed several chapters of their dissertation at time of application; 8 fellowships of $22,000 available

Fulbright Scholarship – final deadline October 11, 2016 – multiple awards and types available; to encourage cultural awareness and understanding

Harvey Fellows Program – deadline November 1, 2016 – provides scholarships to Christian graduate students pursing a discipline considered to be underrepresented by Christians and who possess a unique vision to impact society through their vocations; encourages students from “top five” programs or studying under renowned scholars in their field; successful applicants receive a $12,000 initial stipend with the possibility of renewal for up to two additional years

Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship – deadline October 30, 2016 – offers five-year graduate fellowships for graduate students in the applied sciences; approximately 20 fellowships of $25,000 personal stipends and full tuition equivalent awarded each year

Japanese Government Scholarships – deadlines vary – Teacher training and graduate research fellowships available; up to two years residence in Japan, must speak adequate Japanese; applications require Baylor University endorsement; up to 148,000 Japanese yen per month

National Institute of Heath Graduate Partnership Program – no application deadline – allows ABD students to conduct dissertation research with the NIH; research areas include bioinformatics, biophysics, structural biology, communication neuroscience, molecular pathology, biobehavioral research, and developmental biology; stipends vary by duration and level of experience, range from $29,750-$38,000

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship – deadlines range from late October to early November – Fellowships awarded for study and research leading to graduate degrees in the behavioral, biological, chemical, engineering, geological, mathematical, physical, and social sciences, including history and philosophy of science; applicants must have at least a 3.5 and strong letters of recommendation; awards a three-year stipend of $34,000 as well as a $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees

Renshaw Fellowship – deadline January 23 – affiliated with ISI, awards grants to individuals interested in becoming superintendents, curriculum developers, or influential scholars focusing on educational issues; awards range from $5,000 to $15,000 each

Salvatori Fellowship – deadline January 16 – Grants prizes to graduate students in fields related to the American founding; awards two $10,000 scholarships pplicants must submit an original, 5-10 page essay responding to the question: What is the importance of the American Founding to a free society?

Weaver Fellowship – deadline January 16 – awarded to current graduate students who have an intention to teach at the college level; each Felow receives a grant of $5,000 and payment of tuition at the school of his/her choice, as well as $1,000 worth of ISI books. - applicants must submit a 5-10 page essay responding to the questions: What is the relationship between liberal education and a free society?

Western Civilization Fellowship – Deadline January 16 – designed to address our culture’s loss of memory by supporting at the graduate level the study of institutions, values, and history of the West. Granted to current graduate students with a research interest in and dedication to the Western tradition; each Fellow receives a $20,000 grant; applicants must submit a 5-10 page essay responding to the question: In your own field of study, how is liberty related to Western Civilization?