Special Events

Special Events are defined as any event which involves outside vendors, large numbers of non-Baylor participants, or impacts multiple Baylor resources and departments. These events could be initiated by any enrolled student, faculty member, staff member, or any other individual, campus organization, partnership, association, or corporation desiring to use campus facilities. This does not apply to weekly meetings of Baylor student organizations or academic activities such as conferences or lectures. Must be submitted no later than 15 days before the event.

All non-Baylor organizations/groups requesting use of Baylor facilities for events or contracting with a Baylor-sponsored organization are required to carry liability insurance and provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Risk Management Department.

Special Events Policy - Defines "Special Event." Provides procedures to follow.

Baylor Students Planning Special Events - Provides Baylor students procedures to follow for planning a special event.

Special Events Checklist for Planners

Special Events Request Form

Vendor's Example to follow for Insurance Requirements - Insurance Information

TULIP - Camps Program Information - Some events on campus require this insurance.

K&K Special Events Insurance - Some events off campus require this insurance.