Course Work

There are no specific classes required of Global Scholars in general. The only exception is Global Scholars' first semester in Dublin. See below for an exact list of course offerings.

WHERE YOU'LL TAKE CLASSES: Dublin Business School is Ireland's leading independent third-level higher education institution. Having established an excellent reputation for teaching quality and standards, DBS offers flexible and innovative learning opportunities that reflect and match the needs of Baylor students. In the past two years, DBS won Irish Education Awards for Overall Education Excellence, Best Student Experience, and Best Library team. They were also named Ireland's Best College of Business and Business School of the Year for three consecutive years. Don't let "Business" in the name fool you — this campus and courses are open to all majors. 

WHO WILL TEACH YOU: At DBS, a Baylor faculty member will teach two courses, a Baylor Ph.D. student will teach one course, and DBS faculty will teach other courses approved by Baylor academic advisors. All classes will contribute toward the students' degrees and allow them the ability to graduate on time. 


GBL 1101 - Developing Intercultural Competence - Online (1 credit) DURING SUMMER BEFORE DEPARTURE - Global Scholars Program Director 

Fall Semester in Dublin - You will be required to enroll in the following courses (course numbers are the BU course-equivalents). 

  • PSC 1387 - The U.S. Constitution, Its Interpretation, and the American Political Experience (3 credits) -  Global Scholars Faculty Director 
  • REL 1310 - The Christian Scriptures - (3 credits)  - Baylor Religion Department Ph.D. student
  • ANT 1306 - Irish Life & Cultures -(4 credits) - DBS faculty
  • GBL 1102 - Intercultural Competency Abroad - (1 credit) - Global Scholars Faculty Director
  • LF 1110 - Aerobic Walking - (1 credit) - Global Scholars Faculty Director - Optional
  • Chapel 1088 - Chapel - (no credit) - Required of all Baylor students to take 2 semesters - Baylor Religion Department Ph.D. student

Have you already received credit for one of the courses above? Speak to the Program Director about taking a different course.

You will also select one or two 3-credit courses from the list below (course numbers are the BU course-equivalents).

  • ECO 1305 - Economic Perspectives - with DBS faculty (3 credits) 
  • ENG 1310 - College Writing - with DBS faculty (3 credits)
  • MTH 1308 - PreCalculus for Business Students  - with DBS faculty (3 credits)
  • PHI 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy - with DBS faculty (3 credits)
  • SOC 1305 - Foundations of Sociology - with DBS faculty (3 credits)
  • THEA 1306 - Introduction to Drama and Theatre - with DBS faculty (3 credits)

This will be a total of 14-18 hours. Plus the 1 credit course from Summer 2022. 

Courses options may change. Once accepted the Program Director will keep you and your advisor updated on any changes. 

Not sure how these classes may fit within your degree plan? Email: to discuss. 


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