Working with my Study Abroad Advisor

Study Abroad Advisers can:
  • Show students how to locate the course listings within a specific program and provide students with a list of courses previously taken by Baylor students on detailed Study Abroad programs.
  • Help students target programs that offer specific types of courses, for example, finding programs that provide health science courses.
  • Explain the application and orientation process.
  • Provide advice for how to discuss course options on a program with your academic adviser. 
  • Be a resource for explaining the course equivalency process. This is only for non-Faculty Led Programs.
  • Answer questions regarding housing options, program fees, passports, visas, and other inquiries related to education abroad programs, locations, or travel.
Study Abroad Advisers cannot:
  • Determine how any course will fit into a student's degree audit.  These types of questions should be directed to your academic adviser.
  • Determine how a specific course will be accredited at Baylor unless a Baylor student took the course previously and has already been assigned a Baylor course number.
  • Advice on specific requirements for any major or minor; nor can they determine which courses a student needs to fulfill any major or minor requirement. These types of questions should be directed to your academic adviser.

Questions to ask at your advising appointment:

  • Which programs would you recommend for my major? 
  • How can I find courses that are offered in my program?
  • How can I see which courses students took on the program in the past?
  • How should I discuss courses on my program with my academic adviser? 
  • Can I talk to some students who have done the program in the past to learn about the classes they took?

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